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My Promise



I see you watching but afraid to ask

I see you waiting while afraid to move

What is it that you seek with eyes that are closed

What is it that you wish but cannot lose


I hear your voice tremble before regaining strength

I hear you talking yet not saying what you must

Where is it that you go when you drift away

Where is it that you stay when your thoughts lack trust


I wonder if you know just how far I would go

I wonder if you know there is nothing I wouldn’t do

It’s not just a line or simple empty words

It’s not just a line it’s my promise to you




Moving in a daze



I have been here before

It’s a place I know well

How long will I stay

There’s no way to tell


Such a strange mix

Of numb, fear and loss

Without a real cause

But a very real cost


One minute see’s anger

Flame beyond control

Willing me to explode

Begging me to fall


In turn are the tears

That flow despite my wish

Leaving me confused

The point I always miss


Unable to explain

Not really sure I care

Moving in a daze

Nothing new to share


A door an exit

Some form of escape

Just keep on looking

The first one I’ll take



Wander Ever Wander



Wander ever wander

From street to street

Not stopping or pausing

Just concrete under feet


Rain soaked shirt

Plastered to skin

Fresh and cold

A pleasant sting


Tears mingle with rain

Obscuring their presence

Cleansing your features

Denying their essence


One step then two

The cold becomes home

Never seeking shelter

A need to be alone


Weather mimics nature

Understanding how you feel

Becoming an extension

Helping you to heal



The Beat



To find the words that make darkness sweet

Belie the anger, hurt and grief

Hide from view a damaged heart

Stand as a whole while falling apart

A charade so scripted as if written by pen

Yet never suspected of being pretend

Played out in part for others eyes

While looking for a door through which to slide

The beat still strong somehow remains

Through sometimes solemn wish to wane



Institutionalized Racism

A goliath stands and decides fate
Based on no more than twisted perception
Words on a page and meaningless data
No human element to the situation
Behind the word terror they hide
Segregated and divided from the people they fear
Safe in the bubble they sit at peace
No conflict or argument will they hear
A message imparted by mouths not their own
Forced through contract to speak what they are told
Unable to shy from the eyes they must meet
To their own thoughts and rage they must hold
Turned from tolerance by employers will
Do they then sit guilty of the message relayed
Options not presented to make a real choice
Yet the memory of the look received may never fade
Anger and frustration now boil too a fury
But is it aimed at the order or the weakness that obeyed
With action now taken the point seems lost
No salvation sought as no recompense can be made