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Free from it’s fires




A racing pulse that threatened to cease
As feet found ground a childhood keeps
Stored in a memory’s darkest corner
Brought to the surface only to slaughter
What little peace and voice of quiet
Would spark to life in place of riot
That once those streets offered as life
An existence fleeting as blood on a knife
Yet with stride now lengthened by age
A fear once consuming subtly fades
For with each new step deeper into hell
Understanding dawns that Soul never fell
Of all that was taken the cost has been paid
That innocence lost with a demon replaced
But one that chooses when rage is required
Cast in that hell but now free from it’s fires






Where did you go
Why did you leave
Was there ever a chance
This wouldn’t end in grief

I breathe in deep
I close my eyes
I block everything out
But cannot disguise

A mask that slipped
A persona exposed
A defence so practised
It’s a weakness loathed

Do you ever get tired
Does it ever ware thin
Do you know when it started
How it broke from within

As the eyes open
As the heart rate slows
As the shutters drop
But you always know

That tomorrow will come
That the face will return
That no matter the cost
You will never learn