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An echoing deafness from the stillness calls
Complete in the silence of surrounding walls
The sanctuary sought can become a tomb
For the lack of will that came too soon
That which is blessed and so dearly cherished
Could yet be the reason for life to perish
As the voices missed begin to fade
What then can keep the silence at bay
In its grasp loneliness sits safe
observing a life spent in wait


Last Nerve





A last nerve frayed yet still held in check
It’s pain a twisted knot of constant regret
Salt in the mouth from a tongue now bitten
Allowing no freedom to the words being bidden
And still is the goading the want to inflame
The reaction so desired unknown but for fame
Why then the ache to cause such conflict
What possible reason for the choice to inflict
Such lack of understanding, thought or space
The human condition gone without a trace
Oh then to explode with fury and spite
Rain forth what they desire with unrestrained might
Allow them the show they seem intent to start
Watch then the tears as you tear their world apart


8 years ago, believe it or not actually to the day, I met one of the best guys I know. A few weeks later I also met his girlfriend, one of the most kind-hearted and caring individuals I will ever have the privilege of calling family and then yesterday I attended their wedding. I was given the honor of being an Usher and was also asked to write something to read at the ceremony. The poem below is the one I wrote for them.

As before each footstep fell on ground
Unknowing we walked our paths alone
But from this moment until my last
Our paths entwined your heart my home

For when fate smiled and brought me you
I found a companion, a love, a friend
To share my life and all that I am
Hand in hand at each days end

I swear before all those I hold dear
That for you my love will forever shield
As each new step we walk together
My strength is yours and shall not yield

So take my hand and with it my soul
And know together we will always be
For as I stand here with you
I promise my love for eternity

Chris and Ali