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Would I Leap




Do I listen when I talk or try to forget
Understand the words that flow or simply re-set
When freed from constraint and able to breathe
Do I see a different world for which I should leave

Should I pass by the moments that show greatest risk
Walk lifted from my life conscious of what I have missed
On paths now made real and solid under feet
Should I fall would I rise not willing to accept defeat

If in time all was clear would my eyes then close
Blinded by my nature removed from what I know
The sights then lost maybe the beginnings I seek
If in time all was clear would I turn or would I leap


Each and Everyone





Don’t look back is a phrase often heard
When talking of love that from calm waters stirred
Left with no opposition a mind free to dwell
Could linger so long as if held under spell
Keep moving forward in thought and in time
Till restless memories learn to be kind
When looking back is no longer consuming
Just the second in a day of your own choosing
I see the faces and smiles of all gone before
Nothing is left of the tears that they bore
The deepest molten brown or bright blues eyes
Hair flying in the wind as we danced under skies
I owe who I am to each and everyone
But am thankful for their parting and what I will become

Memories in Song




Left to play out not halted by emotion

A song filters through the cold night air

Lifted by the tune on wings of elation

Till words spark memories buried with care

Walking the streets in steps well-worn

Simple visions flash past unsighted eyes

Taking me back on a cloud of frost

To a time and a girl that lived and died

Stirring from sleep to a world I knew well

In the arms of love and the grips of romance

No thoughts of a future beyond where I lay

Everything I needed in a single glance

Leaving me walking alone in the cold

The songs end came no notes left to play

But for a brief time I recalled how I’d felt

A smile not forced for that song will stay




Withered Stone

Withered stone not cracked or broken
Just beaten daily by eroding winds
Left in place the scars of age
Underneath the surface the holes begin
Never seen or searched as no visible flaws
Continue to crack and break inside
Until such time that strength does fail
Leaving not stone but rubble and pride

Revolving Doors

The nameless faces of evenings dawn

Collide and clash in mornings storm

A few hours escape intent on no more

Cause battle and rage in internal war

Far from lifting the spirits now drowned

Suffer still on waking with conquest crowned

A desert landscape unforgiving and bare

Serves daily reminder of a life missing care

Choice now met with clear resolve

A door once free no longer revolves

With constant stream of empty hours

Waiting but not looking for mine to be ours