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The last

The beginning found as an end was sealed
Shaking my head to be sure it was real
Understanding once more what I seemed to forget
Love waits for no man or even respect
Each day to the next I walked in a dream
Falling without end for all I had seen
The secret we kept too smiles all were blind
Till without warning you announced you were mine
The future and past seemed to blend as one
I knew at last that love had come home
Nagging doubt dismissed but never quite gone
Ever in the darkness which it was from
poison seeped in but told no lie
Septic as the nature you could not deny
When I look back to the loves I have known
Scars from them all I happily show
But never before has my only regret
Been cursing the day that we ever met


Blogging is a strange thing.

I have been doing it now for about 5 months and am really beginning to love it. Not only is it a great way to get my thoughts out by writing but in most cases them actually being read. That never used to happen (mostly because I just never let anyone read any of it). But more than that I have learnt new things from reading others posts, interacted with people on a genuine (if removed) way, and found like-minded people in countries I haven’t even been too. It’s become part of my routine. I check my blog through the day to see if anything has been “liked” or commented on, find out who has been doing what on the blogs I follow and when I have time check out freshly pressed for something new that grabs my attention. I find myself writing more now than I ever did before and trying (not always successfully) to vary the way I write. Before writing was just a way to make sense of things and stop me going mental (more mental). Now if I see something anything that strikes a note I write about it and up it goes on here.

The only problem I have, in the writing sense, is that I now haven’t written in my book for months. I do all of my writing on a computer and seem never to have the time to copy them down in pen. As cool and easy as it is to read through what I have posted on here, there is nothing quite like flipping the page of a book. a book also doesn’t need saved in-case you accidentally delete something (yep like last night, what a dumbass).  Guess I am either gonna have to make the time to write in the book or just stop writing on a computer (wow if only all problems were that easily solved)

2013-02-26 19.56.10


Happy Tuesday

The Letter



I wrote you a letter
On the page in my head
Words came swiftly
Till all was said
The things that have happened
What we have now missed
The highs and the lows
Life’s endless riff
No struggle for thought
Or insecure pause
The reader was you
You knew my flaws
Never to be scribed
But always be read
Those words for now remain
On the pages in my head


Waves crashed as the sun burned a whole in the sea

Far from our lives and bonds preventing us being free

Bound by an island understanding that’s where it stayed

Dismissing the serious while just enjoying our days

Still love grew and on the rock could not be left

Returning to our lives in the grips of its caress

Troubled waters crossed but never far from our shore

Battered on all sides until we could take no more

As the split came it was far from complete

Returning time and again as if walking in sleep

Till at last there was no road back

Every path explored and all were cracked

A nook carved in rock upon the shores of the med

A Glass in our hands on my shoulder your head

When I think of the girl who in the sun stole my heart

This is the memory of where that love starts

Writers Block



The words wont come

They sit locked in place

Struggling to be heard

No greater waste


Frustration builds

The longer you wait

Inspiration denied

At the hands of fate


A song a rhythm

Some kind of flow

All is lacking

No idea starts to grow


Thoughts crash and collide

Desperate to be freed

From the prison of your mind

Where they are but seeds


Shapeless and deformed

A life missing spark

Block to be demolished

Returning the beat to a heart