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It’s only a word
But it’s more than it’s meaning
It’s only a word
That brings back so much feeling

Music to my ears
I’ve heard a tousand times before
Music to my ears
Sung by a voice I adore

Light in the dark
That a bad day can’t steal
Light in the dark
Can make pure magic seem real

Forever I will hear
And this promise cannot be broken
Forever I will hear
Only your voice when it’s spoken



Just One More Time

Just one more time I ask

Carry the weight of my expectations

Be the myth I try to live

I promise to bare the ramifications

Not once have you let me fail

Never baulking at what I ask

Always there to shoulder the unbearable

Regardless the insurmountable task

I know I ask too much

Understand I should do more

But my nature always takes hold

And the warnings I always ignore

I buy into my own lies

See no more than they allow

Let myself become indestructible

And expect you to be the how

Set It Free

Ignore the questions

Leave the doubts

Lighten the burden

Simply live without


Let it go

Set it free

A mind imprisoned

Is a dying tree


It struggles for room

Rails against darkness

Fights its limits

Till it breaks or forgets


So allow it space

Break it out

Let it run

Hear it shout


Then what is says

And how it thrives

Provide the answers

For which you strived


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