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A Heart Made From Hole’s

If you didn’t leave you couldn’t come back
But still the hole begins to open
That for a blissful time was full

Individual spaces only given to a select few
Can be what holds a heart together
Or the very reason it sometimes hurts

In times past feeling loss was simply lost
What should be missed pushed down deep
But somehow without the pain of separation

Maybe the lesson so long to be learned
Is a heart that’s whole lacks strength
But hearts made from holes beat forever



Bring the anger let it be rage

A physical pain I know I can tame

Not this empty sense of blind despair

Broken from within unable move or care

Show me blood on a wall and shattered bone

The darkness I left but can still call home

There I can breathe, understand and exist

Here I am lost because of what I miss

So easy to slip back and just cut off

But I know I can’t no longer am I lost

I shall embrace what I broke

Own the folly of a loving hope

Maybe just maybe only hurt for a time

Grateful for the smile I know is only mine

Life’s Cruel Nature

Life’s cruel nature and the fickle hand it deals
That the strongest amongst us are still left fragile
For one day to the next could ever be the last
No moment in between for granted as simple

As we say goodbye to those nature stole
Our own light dims as inner strength dissolves
What now we will miss that once wouldn’t fail
Changes forever how our own world revolves

Pained cries for those gone or now left behind
Echo forever in a souls hidden fear
As never can a hand relieve such a burden
Only help steady and try to be near

So for those we now miss or those whose tears fall
Our hearts swell in memory or beat when yours falter
Love for those gone shall be the strength for the next
And while never forgiving life’s cruel nature alters


So long now stood in place unmoving
Forgets what was in favour of chosing
Less risk to self protected and cloaked
From the world still spinning draining hope
Observation made of a nature forgone
In place now found a need to be strong
In time all fails all masks will crack
The strength once seen will suddenly lack
But when faced with loss the walls hold firm
Just one more time a line well learned

The Flaw

You saw a flaw and made it clear
In your eyes it would not stand
It has no place within your world
This weakness you saw in a man

To have a heart placed on my sleeve
And wear it as I always do
To show emotion of all kinds
Is only frailty in your view

That flaw you see but don’t understand
Is not my weakness but my strength
When all else with in me fails
My heart will ever beat again

I’ve yet to find its limit
The point at which it breaks
So take my flaw and ask one thing
Is it my strength that you hate