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A world of rusty gears

Oh for the love of christ where did it all go wrong
Days on end spent caged and trying to stay strong
When all about me crumbles including my own will
And yet still I stay to suffer more of this bitter pill

What more can they take when take is all they do
regardless of the pain they know they put you through
More with less is the mantra we know so well
But is it still a joke to say I work in the depths of hell

We’re all about the people unless they speak their mind
For why should we listen when profits is always blind
A faceless organ grinder in a world of rusty gears
I am sure stands there laughing at all our wasted tears

There is no end to these days or the extra they expect
Start early, finish late and smile with respect
For aren’t you all so lucky and privileged just to be
In a place you adore,slaves too masters you can see





Bring the anger let it be rage

A physical pain I know I can tame

Not this empty sense of blind despair

Broken from within unable move or care

Show me blood on a wall and shattered bone

The darkness I left but can still call home

There I can breathe, understand and exist

Here I am lost because of what I miss

So easy to slip back and just cut off

But I know I can’t no longer am I lost

I shall embrace what I broke

Own the folly of a loving hope

Maybe just maybe only hurt for a time

Grateful for the smile I know is only mine

Last Nerve





A last nerve frayed yet still held in check
It’s pain a twisted knot of constant regret
Salt in the mouth from a tongue now bitten
Allowing no freedom to the words being bidden
And still is the goading the want to inflame
The reaction so desired unknown but for fame
Why then the ache to cause such conflict
What possible reason for the choice to inflict
Such lack of understanding, thought or space
The human condition gone without a trace
Oh then to explode with fury and spite
Rain forth what they desire with unrestrained might
Allow them the show they seem intent to start
Watch then the tears as you tear their world apart

So long

Has it really been so long

Have our paths twisted from view

That now when my thoughts you guess

You speak not of the brother you knew

Did we ever control our tale

Was it always to be written this way

That two that once stood together

 Became strangers till the end of their days

What caused such bitter opinion

Where have these views been formed

That words now heard only ring of spite

And leave birth bond now shorn

Has it really been so long

Have our paths twisted from view

For now I wonder what’s left to save

When hearing such words from you

Not Forgotten

As if never here now a legacy erased
By those that should care and miss an embrace
A last goodbye that to a soul they all spurned
Will forever be a lesson I hope to have learned
For though they may fight over that they were left
They don’t see what was lost and makes them bereft
Blinded by greed or their shadows of the past
They refuse now to find what once held them fast
But to be lost it must be forgotten by all
Not just those that would allow a life to fall
So as once I sat on a pew to say goodbye
Stories of you I now promise to tell until I die