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I may never hear your voice again

We may never meet

Your smile will disappear from my life

And for that I truly weep


They say to love is to give yourself

And in turn set free

Not hold on for your own selfish need

But let that love just be


If to be happy you must end it here

Pay no thought to us

Walk lightly from what’s held you back

In your heart place trust


I will lay down not struggle in pain

Accept your choice as simple need

Not pull you back in endless fight

But against my wish concede


Far from being an end to our tale

My soul will hold your place

And should you ever need me again

To your side I swear to race




Whispered Prayer

I whispered a prayer to keep you safe
Not from belief or abundance of faith
But for moments when my voice you can’t hear
To send it on wings and show I’m still near
If only my arms were a permanent shield
I’d embrace you to me and never once yield
Not leave your side and be miles away
But holding your hand as night turns to day
I whispered a prayer that I could be where you are
Until that time comes I will never be far





It lives and will not die

In the places you cannot reach

It lives and will not die

Gaining strength from your defeats


It grows and will devour

Rising as if born anew

It grows and will devour

All remaining scraps of you


Remorseless it seeks to destroy

Once in control your will is crushed

Remorseless it seeks to destroy

Every last remnant of trust


A demon born within your soul

Has power when you have none

A demon born within your soul

Is the reflection you can’t out run


Every time you will pray it is the last

As you force it to recede

Every time you pray it is be the last

As the next it may succeed




Stay With Me

Stay with me though I show no need
I may never ask with word or deed
Be at my side when I seem OK
With you there I will survive the day
Ignore the smiles and sense the pain
It maybe hidden but yet remain
Hear the anguish underneath the laugh
Return me to the present as I lay in the past
I ask these things too often I know
Though never once have you chosen to go
Whenever I slip you ensure I don’t fall
My blessing, My life, My world, My all

The Grey




The palid expression of death a grey abyss

No more living than dead

Existing is this

All lost in simple defence no fight left

What once was so sure

 Is now bereft

Blessing removed from where bestowed

Taken not released

By hands not their own

Seen only by my troubled thoughts

Never by me

Just the soul now lost