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Standing Still


Time is standing still yet the world carries on
Around me pictures change and gather dust
Unable to maintain the days that I still see
When trapped in a mind I no longer trust

Would if I could go back live in reality once more
See what a mirror holds with unguarded eyes
As if a match once struck would hold constant light
Enough to wash away this practised disguise

In such a moment would all around me change
Transported from the past into today
Or would it’s dust simply move from it to me
Revealing an old man who couldn’t see his age


Differing Paths




Was living the cause of a life not started
That in conception merely faded from view
How many hours were spent considering
Consequences that in reality were few

Does now the world conspire in turn
To keep from living in line with choice
Those that once made a decision
Not to listen too an internal voice

As with all whats done is set
Those differing paths now just one
but could they merge if stars align
A second chance from fate then spun