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I lost the words I so long to say
Before they were found or ever made
Not through fear or a desire dismissed
Remaining hidden in clouds and mist
Until formed when their time had passed
To live and die when spoken at last
In empty rooms with no witness to bare
Their meaningless folly I’m starkly aware
Appearing as they did they will now depart
Quietly retreating from head to heart



My mind feels empty its thought’s devoid of worth
Constantly playing a conversation that dies in birth
The mere attempt to grasp that which I cannot see
Is the futile exploit of a conscious struggling to breathe
Begging and pleading to remember it’s anchor once again
Drifting motionless in silence as smile and voice pretend
A practised dance that offers nothing but is far from shy
Deflects unanswered questions never once hearing “why?”
As what answer to give could describe how I succumb
To an overwhelming feeling that my mind is simply numb


A picture incomplete for brush strokes lost
The sight forgotten but somehow held
In minds as they talk aware but unknowing
That missing connection hidden by a spell

No empty space where whats lost should be
To any looking in it seem would complete
For only when you ask would that whole be revealed
But these are the answers that few choose to seek

Now that the pictures are finished and done
Lain side by side do they show the same imperfection
Something missing from one then added to another
In each an obvious search for reflection