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A Christmas wish

A christmas wish to those I hold dear
Scattered far and wide but in my heart held near
I hope your day is filled with happiness and fun
And may it last for the whole year to come


As it were

A word that struggles and dies in birth
Fails and breaks upon the walls
Fear down to resultant mirth
Halts the feelings that grew so tall
Unsure, unsteady and in presence denies
When faced in life with what was sought
A crowded room helps stifles the cries
When a mind chooses to hide the thought
Smiles and laughter ring through the air
Was it only one who felt that way
A misguided joke or vacant stare
What once was buried will stay that way

let it rain

Walking in the rain the cold and the dark
Soaked to the skin right from the start
Just a few miles not a great trek
Would lead to a moment I’ll never forget
Not much longer than a few beats of my heart
But long enough to hold that indelible spark
That unique moment that holds everything in its grasp
As the world falls away in a chance taken at last
As the rain became a storm and the wind a howling gale
There was a first kiss against which all others pale


Bells rang but the room held no sound
Lost where I stood a future I had found
The world now filled with a simple bliss
A new year brought in with the perfect kiss
But with every blessing a penance to be paid
Another false dawn to bright to have stayed
The lies and deceit flowed like wine
Clouding the guilt and the obvious crime
Last words were spoken but nothing was said
Yet still crash through an unburdened head
Another goodbye to someone far more dear
Someones who’s goodbye I shall never now hear
A walk back in time through a childs eyes I watched
The last of a generation a community’s loss
Final words whispered in the house they called home
Hand in hand they now walk no longer alone
Beaten and lost pieces scattered like dust
Held together as always by those that I trust
A smile now graces where shadows once held sway
But I never once doubted they would have their day
Stronger than the doubts, the worries and the pain
With a heart so big it could only ever remain
Life now growing a child’s voice will soon follow
Proof if it were needed of a brighter tomorrow
This year almost gone its time now slipping away
Its final moments can be counted in days

I don’t normally (OK never) leave a footnote or comment (bar in reply) to one of my posts. However, I have spent some time today reading a lot of blog posts about people’s years and have really enjoyed them. I noticed they were all tagged Dpchallenge and I had no idea what this was. So after some digging and a little more reading I found out. I Have to admit I haven’t done a lot of digging in to what people actually do in terms of wordpress the site and ideas behind it but on this occasion I liked what I read, anyway the above is what my year was, well not all of it that would have been far too long but definitely the most important parts. Right, enough rambling if you want to know more about the Dpchallenge or just this weeks challenge which is to write about your year follow the link below……


Contradiction of interpretation

A constant difference in imagination

The greatest tool and most vivid screen

Where whole worlds are built but seldom seen

For one a tale of love and tireless devotion

To another bitter strife or a simple token

What the mind sees may never be shared

Or discussed at length all opinions bared

Every thought valid each statement true

What you see is controlled by no-one but you

Interpretation like the mind is what makes us who we are

The beauty in life dies when suppression goes to far