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So long now stood in place unmoving
Forgets what was in favour of chosing
Less risk to self protected and cloaked
From the world still spinning draining hope
Observation made of a nature forgone
In place now found a need to be strong
In time all fails all masks will crack
The strength once seen will suddenly lack
But when faced with loss the walls hold firm
Just one more time a line well learned



Some inescapable words now rest against my ears
The only time I’ve heard them in intervening years
To hear or remain deaf is no longer an option
What I so longed to know I wish now could be forgotten
Haunted and followed by a love that will not die
A well at once replenished that long since ran dry
An impossibility so futile madness seems more sane
Why then does it cut and make me bleed again
I struggle with the word fate but it’s presence I can’t deny
When all I ever wanted was not to say goodbye
For all that it taught me there was one thing I always knew
That regardless of our fate my true love would still be Bu

It was always less

That time was then
Past not to return
A chance not taken
A lesson now learned

What could have been
Is pointless to guess
It will never be
It was always less

To dream of flying
Leaving life once more
Will forever be tempting
Will always have draw

The choice was easy
Barely even a thought
I left for home
I turned and walked

The people I love
A city I know
Why would I leave
Where could I go




Touched With Fortune






I once told the story of how we met
A night like any other but one not to forget
Described how you walked every subtle glance
The flow of your hair and the smile that enchants
How we talked for hours as the world around us stopped
Yet we said so little our words their meanings lost
I saw the sky burn red as we caught the morning rain
Reflected in your eyes my smile would ever remain
As the sun once more was crowned by nights dying hand
Our lips were touched with fortune as if it had been planned
As the story ended with that leaving kiss
I hoped one day to meet you and then to read you this

Love Life

If only you were one
And not a face that changed
With moments and moods
A decision never made

The eyes that sparkle
With mischief and fun
That made each day bearable
I now miss like the sun

The beauty unmatched
But a humour almost wicked
Minds so in sync
Ever kindred spirits

The love like no other
My first and ever true
A more loving soul
I’ve never found than my Bu

The strength beyond years
Hidden behind radiant smile
Soft words whispered
Heard despite the miles

The promise of desire
A stunning smouldering temptress
Our never ending flirtation
A sin I would always confess

The ever changing faces
Of the one’s that still have hold
That in my mind I drift too
In a love life’s story told