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The Fool In The Photo

I should know by now but never learn
That in those pictures I will always find
A hidden tear waiting to burst
When only smiles existed in that time

But still I look as the pain is sweet
And if this is torture I will not break
I live the moment as if it were now
The memory so clear it could not be fake

As it did then I feel my heart begin to race
See the reflection of a candle dance in your eye
Allow a hint of your perfume to linger in my head
I would live in that moment until the second I die

But try as I might it cannot be held
And as always before I can only curse
The fool in the photo who hid from life
In a risk free existence infinitely worse






Lest we forget those brave souls
That gave their lives far from home
We bow our heads in silent respect
And give thanks to those we have never met
For without their courage and selfless deeds
What we take for granted could not have been
Lie not forever the soldiers of a forgotten war
But live eternal as the hero’s we adore

I just want to go home

I just want to go home
Hide from my life
Close my eyes and pretend
I can still see the light

I just want to go home
No matter where I am
Leave it all behind
Replace the storm with calm

I just want to go home
But how to explain
That home I can’t find
Else there I’d remain

I just want to go home
Not live like this
Scared of my shadow
Of an endless abyss

I just want to go home
It’s all I can say
Or see from where I am
Which is at home today

In Dreams

It’s not for the minutes
or the stolen chance of rest
Nor for what ails me
Or that which causes stress

But for every second since
And those I know will come
For as soon as I leave here
All I want to do is run

So let me sleep those extra hours
In dreams I can control
Surrounded by my memories
Where my half can still feel whole

They may still turn against me
In fact they often do
But they are of my creation
And the pain they cause is due

Am I still now dreaming
Sometimes I cannot tell
I walk the line between dreams and real
And wonder when I fell