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Friday Top 5



Been a while since I did one of these so I figure my birthday is the perfect time to write one. Today I am 2 years old , no I have not been drinking it’s 2 years to the day since I started this blog. That being the case I thought I would do a reminiscent top 5 and, in no specific order, pick my favourite poems I have posted. I have to admit I have enjoyed going back and reading some of what I have written and remembering why I wrote it in the first place. Though on reflection some of it is utter drivel some I still like. Anyway ………….



No 1.  Blank Page

I wrote this long before I started this blog, it’s probably one of the first poems I actually sat down and purposefully wrote. I guess that gives it a certain sentimental value to me. I was at a point in my life where everything was changing and it seemed like there was simply no respite. I started writing a lot after this and  realised that a blank page offers so much.


No 2.  Memories

I am a wonderer at heart, think I have now lived in over 30 houses. Mostly in the UK though there was a short stretch in Malta. I love my city (Edinburgh) with all my heart, it is without doubt one of the greatest and most beautiful cities in the world but I sometime have to leave and this was one of those times. I knew there were people and places I would miss but at the same time I also knew it wouldn’t be forever (doubt it ever will) and that regardless of how hard it was to leave staying just wasn’t an option.


No 3. Revenge

So I have been told in the past I have anger issues and with poems like this one I guess it is hard to argue. But just because something is hard doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. I have no anger issues (any more) sure I get angry and when I snap it is definitely something worth seeing (probably from a distance) but like most people I fume and rant for a bit before getting a grip and moving on. This though I like because sometimes it’s fun torun with the feeling of anger and getting your own back (does that make me a touch mental, ahhhh well never mined)


No 4.  Touched With Fortune

OK I admit it I am an old (not that old) romantic, guilty as charged and completely (almost) unashamed of the fact. This poem is nothing more than a story I wish to happen.


No 5. Stay With Me

I think anyone that reads my blog with any kind of regularity will probably be tired of me saying that I have the best friends in the world, but you will have to indulge me once more. They are more like family to me and there is not a day that passes I am not grateful each and every one of them. I am not great at sharing feelings/opening up and all that kind of thing and I am far from an easy person to know at times. But somehow whenever I have needed them they have always been there and they will probably never know, because I will never be able to put it into words, just how much they mean to me.


Well there you go a reminiscent top 5 for my 2nd birthday. So far this blog has given me far more than I ever thought it could, from an amazing holiday in Spain and new friends across the world to people I have known for years knowing me a little better and me discovering so many amazing blogs that I really need to spend more time reading. I wonder what the next year will bring





OK you maybe under the misconception that it is Monday, this simply is not correct! You see I am off on Wednesday thus making it Saturday and if Wednesday is Saturday it stands to reason that Tuesday is Friday. “But it’s only Monday” you say in a sceptical voice, yes and no, it’s true that it is Monday but as I am now finished work it is effectively the next day which means…………. It’s Friday.


Today’s top 5 is one very close to my heart (yes I have one of those). Things I am looking forward to this year (how self-absorbed am I), everyone has to have things to look forward to that get them through some of the everyday drudgery and this is what will get me through any and all bumps in the road this year.


No 1 (by a good distance). Spain

In less than 3 weeks I go on a real adventure. Now, not being a religious man, I have had a few strange looks when telling people I am walking the last part of the Camino De Santiago (an ancient catholic pilgrimage). We will be starting  in Vigo and over 8 days covering the distance to Santiago on foot. In honesty I think the strange looks were more for the fact I am doing this with someone I have never actually met in person (see adventure). But hey in a world that is increasingly getting smaller who needs to actually meet someone to get to know them? Anyway, it is impossible to put into words how much I am looking forward to this trip. The weather, the food , the company, the scenery, the history, the walking, the wine and most importantly the experience. It is going to be AWESOME.


No 2. Counting Crows


A band I love and will see (whenever possible) every time they come to the UK. This will be my third gig of theirs (they really need to tour here more often). As good live as they are recorded, if not better, I have yet to go to a bad crows gig and I cant see this one being any less amazing. As always these things are best enjoyed with friends and I will be with some of the best a man could wish for, sorted.


No 3. Billy Connolly.


When he last toured he essentially said it would be his last tour, I couldn’t get tickets and I thought my chance to see a true legend had gone. When I woke up on Saturday morning to find messages asking me if I wanted to get tickets to his latest tour, that sold out in 40 minutes, I was gutted as I thought I had again missed the chance to see him. Thankfully, as I seem to say on here quite a lot, I have the greatest friends ever and Kate bought me a ticket just in case. For the rest of that Saturday, even though I was at work I had a smile on my face so wide everyone thought I was on drugs. HAPPY ANDY.


No 4. The Independence Debate Concludes.


If you have lived in Scotland for the last few years you will know that this debate is everywhere and totally inescapable. Quite rightly as it is easily one of the biggest referendums’ in our countries history, if not the biggest. Now far from using this as a political forum I am simply looking forward to the event itself, I obviously know which way I am going to vote and the outcome I want but I honestly think it is too close to call right now and could go either way. But whatever happens I will have a front row seat and intend to follow a little tradition with my old man (if he can stay awake, he is getting on a bit). We used to stay up to watch the votes come in on general election night with a bottle of malt whiskey and I can think of no better way to see this one through to the end, not least because we are firmly on opposite sides when it comes to the decision.


No 5. Vacant and looking for suitably momentous event.


While I have more than just those to look forward to there is always that hope that 1 last big thing will come along. So I am not going to be left without a slot if it does and shall keep this one open. After all there is almost 6 months left of this year and who knows what’s gonna happen.




So there you have it, 5 reasons why the end of 2014 is indeed something to look forward too. I hope you all have a list as good as that.







Dinner Party, Ladies only

OK so it was brought to my attention today that my previous post ( could have been construed as being sexist due to there being no women invited to my diner party. In the interest of equality and to dispel any possible notion of sexism, I have decided to even the scales. So below you will find my invitees for a female only dinner party (even the title makes me think this one would be more fun)

Tracy Chapman

I don’t throw around the term genius often or lightly but in Tracy’s case there is no other word that could possibly do her justice. She has been one of my favourite song writers and singers ever since I can remember listening to music. Her song the promise will always be one of my top 5 songs of all time. Add to this her reclusive nature and activist personality and you have a well deserved seat at the top table.

Dame Judy Dench

Love her, just love her. She is easily the most talented actress to come from these shores that I have ever seen. Amazing ability to portray true emotion in a plethora (awesome word btw) of genres. Not just that but every time I see her in an interview or speaking at a celeb bash she just comes across as a genuinely nice, down to earth women. Would imagine her stories to be amazing.

Margaret Thatcher

One of the most divisive figures in the recent political history of the UK and one of the most driven women of any generation. Love her or hate her (and it does seem to be 1 or the other with Maggie) you cant help but respect what she managed to achieve. The first and so far only female PM the UK has voted in and a politician who centralized power like no other before her. My political opinions irrelevant I would just like to see what she was really like.

Helen of Troy

‘The face that launched a thousand ships’. With a tag line like that who would not want to meet this woman and know what all that fighting was about. I have always loved that period in history and everything that went with it and she is one of the stand out figure of that time (in my opinion).

Dawn French

Every table needs a laugh and with Dawn French in attendance I think laughter is guaranteed. The vicar of Dibley is still one of the best comedies ever made. A quick wit and a way with words that would make anyone jealous, Lady Dawn (yes i am now bestowing titles in my spare time)  is the final member of my assembled party.

So there you have my table of Ladies, who would make your guest list………

Again not Friday but fuck it I thought of this subject and couldn’t wait the required 6 hours to write it……….. sue me!


These are the things I used to love doing when I was a kid and for some reason now that I am an adult get weird looks for doing. Have to admit that I still do some of them just not as often as I’d like.


1 . Climb trees

I am a monkey always have been always will be. I was forever up trees when I was a kid. Not just trees either but the roof tops too. It used to drive my mum mental, she was forever telling one day I would fall and break my neck (never happened mum). It’s just such great fun being so high (without smoking anything) nothing to stop you from falling and where ever you are there normally aint many people around either!!


2 . Build cushion forts

Loved this one. Turning the living room into your own personal fort. using all the cushions, chairs, sofas, blankets and just anything you can find to create a build of your own in the middle of the living room. Some of the most comfy places I have ever been have been forts in my living room.


3 . Ordering a coke float with a meal

If you say you don’t like coke floats I think you are lying and if you have never had one then you have never lived. Though am not sure how well it would go down on a date “yes we’ll have a bottle of the Chilean Sauvignon Blanc and a coke float for me”……….


4 . Chap and run (thanks Ish almost forgot this one)

The best of childhood games. Find the grumpiest neighbor you can then knock on their door and run away. Simple in it’ elegance and oh so much fun. But try explaining that one to the police at the age of 31!!!!!


5 . Trick or Treat (guising)

This is an obvious one………… Who in their right mind doesn’t like being given lots of free sweets and sometimes money. AWESOME.



Well folks those are mine and there were a lot that didn’t make the cut. How bout you? what does the kid in you miss….



Don’t worry I haven’t lost my mind (that went years ago) I am fully aware that it is Sunday. I just like the sound of a Friday top 5!

So the topic for today my top 5 cartoon baddies.

Wylie Coyote

This guy is awesome and totally a role model for children! Seriously he has an insane work ethic, doesn’t know the meaning of the word quit and knows how to catch his own food (if not all that successfully)

Angelica (rug rats)

I was gonna leave this nasty little bitch off my list but I think she warrants her spot. Any guy out there with an older sister will tell you how accurate her character is and that the torture she doles out is real. But she does it in such a cruel and devilish way that she never seems to get caught.

The Brain (Pinky and The Brain)

Napoleon, Caesar and Attila the Hun all rolled into one tiny little mouse. He takes small man syndrome to a whole new level. Who wouldn’t want the world to be controlled by this mental little rodent.

Stewie Griffen (Family Guy)

Not sure he counts as a baddie? Really? He’s just a baby I hear you scream! Sod that, this kid was trying to kill his own mother before they even managed to cut the umbilical cord! If there was ever an overly camp baby with a surprising ability to procure and create weapons of mass destruction you should be scared of then Stewie is that baby.

Shredder (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

He makes the list purely because he is so shit at being a bad guy! I mean come on if the sole thing stopping this guy taking over the world is a geriatric talking rat and 4 lazy turtles then we are all fucked.

Well that’s my list and as usual it was just of the top of my head so I may (almost definitely) have missed out some obvious entry’s. Who would make your list?