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Living in my head

If you want to find me
Did you ever know where to look
Was I always where expected
There regardless what it took

Now Look a little harder
See what I would not show
For wherever I may be
There is a place I always go

You will not find a door
Or directions you could follow
This sanctuary is on no map
It exists much like tomorrow

Like a flickering candle
A glimpse caught in the dark
You may see me peering out
From my head I will depart



Walking Underwater

An expanse that used to fill the world
Grows smaller with each passing step
Suffocating the lungs that once it burst
Reducing the beats of a heart that leapt

Though resplendent the views are dulled
Their beauty lost to an absent soul
Searching for meaning where it seems lost
Endless roads yet nowhere to go

Sights and sounds float by in clouds
Walking underwater but able to breathe
Struggling to care for surrounding life
Spending the day in simple daydreams

The day without end

Attune to the darkness and dancing shadows
Eyes that should be sightless remember the day
A play on canvas woven in defiance
That restful oblivion kept at bay

Witching hours pass felt more than seen
Aware that soon the coming morning will call
In time acceptance of wasted night
Mocking further attempts to fall

As shadows die too smaller corners they creep
Leaving a light you wish to push from view
But try as you may it will not fade
A day without end has now become two

Glass Covered Sand

Ask ye not though fickle heart demands
What thou seek is but glass covered sand
Simple virtue mirrored while aching heart beats
Respite from true nature a promise you cannot keep
Now a mental cage sealed with no key
Is circular torment within minds raging sea
Blessed to be released upon broken silence
From thoughts so oppressive they became an island


Nurtured from seed considered indigenous
Growing unchecked it’s roots taking hold
Until such time it becomes ingrained
Never once questioned secure in its role

Now inseparable from unaware host
A part of whole that lives and breathes
In some way guides while remaining silent
Down its path determined to lead

A light once shone forever brightens the dark
Spurring to life an inquiring mind
The riddle now set to discover origin
Now in motion an answer it will find