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As if vultures they circle
Arriving in a flood
Eager for their fill
To wet their beaks in blood

Not a singe respect paid
In life or death
Picking clean a carcass
Till nothing more is left

They fight as if divine
Thier right greater still
Than any that oppose
More blood could yet be spilled

These vultures have now forgotten
They no longer see
What once they were
That family will never again be


A great day


Sometimes it just seems that all the stars in the universes align and for one day everything works out.

That was today.

It was nothing major and no spectacular events occurred, it was just what it was and what it was was everything a day should be. From beginning to end I was surrounded by those I am honoured to call my family, 3 lil sisters and 3 brothers. Due to geography, family commitments and just general life this kind of day/night rarely happens. But when it does it’s the kind that makes me smile from ear to ear. These 6 people have given me more than they could ever know and far more than I could ever repay.

It was as simple as breakfast, lunch, a movie, dinner and then drinks until the last ride called. But the simple things are sometimes the best. Maybe 15 minutes from the end I sat in a chair and watched as my 3 lil sisters, oblivious to me watching, sat chatting about something I couldn’t hear and 3 brothers talked on with what ever had been the topic. I have never felt luckier or happier with my lot in life than I did at that moment (trust me I know how cheesy that sounded).


Always Once More

I could write the sonnet to bring you to tears
Leave you breathless with a show of fear
Pronounce my love in a thousand ways
Make a gesture of the suns very rays
But actions long past now a future deny
Gone are those days nevermore to rise
So what now to see but a broken heart
Left shattered, bleeding and torn apart
Yet still there is hope it ever beats on
Never giving up on finding that one
The hope it sacrifices to feed my soul
Allows me to see what I have always known
Until that day comes when it gives in
It gives me the strength to once more begin


Do minds recall or just replace
Memories with a fiction we’d rather embrace
Are the people we knew all that they seem
Or are they figments of a rose-tinted dream
Standing on pedestals no-one can climb
Elevated there by the losses of time
Sometimes the idea means more than the fact
What you miss now may simply be that
Not what was real but what you now desire
A mirage of the mind of which you never tire