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Burning Stars

Shattered glass creates prisms of light
Dazzling emeralds lit by fires
Impossible colours unfathomable depth
The very essence of what inspires

Burning stars that inflame the dark
Explosions captured and forever replayed
Motionless movements that spark and glow
Beauty able to transform seconds to days

For the rest my time this truth will stand
That nothing more precious on this earth exists
Than those eyes that sparkle with undefinable light
And remind a life of the smile it missed



Never changing a single constant
Question asked in varying ways
Answer heard as always confident
Yet somehow is ever the same

Always spoken a reflex motion
Of no consequence if felt or not
For if there were a contrary notion
It remains unsaid and simply forgot

Subtlety lost as merely mistaken
Truth in words taken as gospel
A soul known as rarely shaken
An ancient myth too ingrained to dispel

On impulse replied now just nature
No lie intended or deception contrived
Far from an impending sense of danger
Only a minds instinct to survive

So long

Has it really been so long

Have our paths twisted from view

That now when my thoughts you guess

You speak not of the brother you knew

Did we ever control our tale

Was it always to be written this way

That two that once stood together

 Became strangers till the end of their days

What caused such bitter opinion

Where have these views been formed

That words now heard only ring of spite

And leave birth bond now shorn

Has it really been so long

Have our paths twisted from view

For now I wonder what’s left to save

When hearing such words from you

Beyond Compare

So very few things in life remain beyond compare
Able to steal the very breath from a heart no longer there
A single sight of angles song written with a souls voice
mesmerizing in a split second offering no other choice
They appear far too seldom their light an impossible gift
For just to gaze upon them is enough to cause a shift
In your mind they are all you want
In a room they are all you can see
For your life you will search them out
For that love is what sets you free

Not Forgotten

As if never here now a legacy erased
By those that should care and miss an embrace
A last goodbye that to a soul they all spurned
Will forever be a lesson I hope to have learned
For though they may fight over that they were left
They don’t see what was lost and makes them bereft
Blinded by greed or their shadows of the past
They refuse now to find what once held them fast
But to be lost it must be forgotten by all
Not just those that would allow a life to fall
So as once I sat on a pew to say goodbye
Stories of you I now promise to tell until I die