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The keepr of secrets



The shoulders you trust to be strong and sure

Listen but not judge to the words you impart

Understand your burden and see it be theirs

Lessen the stain on an over worked heart

Never a complaint or door found closed

Always on hand regardless of time

As if linked by nature to minds private thoughts

They sense when needed and your presence find

A confidence made will forever be kept

The trust implicit no assurance ever asked

As has always been they always will be

The keeper of secrets both present and past







The sun’s bright rays create golden streets
Filled with noise no longer at peace
Wandering souls crowd every stone slab
Moving from stores to pubs and back
A lightness of step in the heaviest stride
Thoughts only in the moment and of this time
No more is required to let spirits soar
Than the sun on your back rain kept from your door






The shackles long cast have fallen and gone
Weighed down no longer by decisions of age
What once stood as barriers to the future
Now lie consigned to impudent rage

All strings once tied by a mind lacking thought
Diminished as one from untied knot
Elation should follow at the freedom gained
But still in it’s web one stands caught

Seldom as simple as the paying of debt
More yet hides beneth the cloak of dispair
How long must this this burden be carried
Before morning can be seen without a care

Not now

A  self respective look at the man I now see
Loud and brash yet afraid to be free
Faced with a friend he will turn and run
rather than let loose and allow some fun
An exile not forced but chosen as right
Is his place of refuge no one can fight
The pain of years past will cloud those to come
With a shadow so long he can’t hope to out run
Not how he saw his life unfold
Yet this is how his story is bound to be told
A simple tale of pain and regret
Of choices he made that he would never forget
People now gone who would still be there
If only his life he had chosen to share
But his words gave pause and he found peace
A way in which to make the bad voices cease
A lingering doubt will always remain
But ignoring this is what kept him sane
Eyes wide open no cloud in sight
A soul though shaken still has fight




I care not what you think
What you know
And what you choose

Though I understand what you fear
What you believe
And what you muse

Yet I struggle while you forget
While you ignore
And while you plot

For the future that you see
That you want
And that you sought