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I know I am drowning but can’t explain why
The weight of my thought’s is dragging me down
Preventing my attempts to move or struggle
Making me believe no escape can be found
These thoughts consume my every minute
But I can’t let them go I can’t break free
They are now so ingrained I see them as fact
Becoming a part of me that soon others will see
The wasted remains of confidence and bravado
Are clinging on with their final breath’s
Having saved me before and lifted me up
This time I wonder if they have anything left
As the surface disappears and still I sink
I welcome the darkness and its quiet respite
A moment of calm in the never-ending noise
Of thoughts and doubts I am too tired to fight
I can see no end, no up or down
Only the endless loops of thoughts in my head
And so now I know my ultimate demise
Was caused by thoughts that turned to lead





In Dreams

It’s not for the minutes
or the stolen chance of rest
Nor for what ails me
Or that which causes stress

But for every second since
And those I know will come
For as soon as I leave here
All I want to do is run

So let me sleep those extra hours
In dreams I can control
Surrounded by my memories
Where my half can still feel whole

They may still turn against me
In fact they often do
But they are of my creation
And the pain they cause is due

Am I still now dreaming
Sometimes I cannot tell
I walk the line between dreams and real
And wonder when I fell

As I fall




As I fall from heights I could barely climb
I see reflections of me but in a different time
From darkness I pear and try to hold on
But the walls are shear and the images gone
I’m plunging still through unknown depths
In a chasmĀ I know well and I can never forget
It’s the hole in my head that opens at will
To steal the breath from any pleasure I feel
Yet I’m oddly comforted in that desolate place
Greeted by depression in it’s knowing embrace
With a crooked smile as it leads me home
From the break I took from being alone

Inevitable Circle


Understand no sound will escape these lips
Now as then and ever more
When troubled mind tries to break free
Find long practised skill to ignore

From hours it grows to overcome days
Suffocates will and all self worth
Leaving no path free from it’s torment
It’s deadly eyes glittering with mirth

A circle complete but for one link
In pitch black will become whole
Enveloping life in all it’s forms
Till surrendered a now beaten soul

At the lowest point of deepest despair
Unable to stand, broken and lost
A rise now inevitable begins once more
The shadow of darkness silently crossed




The edge of life

What now for light and the warmth it brings
In growing night where nightmares sing
When on the edge as always walked
The light is further than ever thought
Once comforting cool space in shade
Now freezing expanse where brightness fades
The balance lost that held together
Life’s changing moods that seek to sever
Fragile grasp on smile so fleeting
It starts to question the heart still beating