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Choices choices choices

None made

None kept

None known

Choices choices choices

One step

One loss

One home

Choices choices choices

Too soon

Too far

Too hard

Choice choices choices

All gone

All left

All scared


Too Long In The Dark

I wanted to believe
That hope didn’t lie
I was never deceived
True love couldn’t die
And for all my failings
Though I know I’m blind
That smile sent me sailing
But that smile isn’t mine
In a second I was torn
Not in choice but in torment
I saw my hope as forlorn
What still remained of fate spent
So what then is left to say
When ones dreams are broken on rocks
And no matter how hard you pray
Your face will not hide the shock
Left alone just too long in the dark
What sparks now and then never makes flame
And though we may reminisce about the start
It seems that time will never come again

Bring the anger let it be rage

A physical pain I know I can tame

Not this empty sense of blind despair

Broken from within unable move or care

Show me blood on a wall and shattered bone

The darkness I left but can still call home

There I can breathe, understand and exist

Here I am lost because of what I miss

So easy to slip back and just cut off

But I know I can’t no longer am I lost

I shall embrace what I broke

Own the folly of a loving hope

Maybe just maybe only hurt for a time

Grateful for the smile I know is only mine

Have you heard it?

Have you heard it did it play
The song that surrounds my every waking day
Or was it silence filling the air
Making you wonder at my vacant stare
Was there meaning behind cold eyes
That lacked connection nor even tried
Could you read the story written without words
That no pen wrote or ears ever heard
Left on a face that could no longer hide
The depth of exhaustion it felt inside
Have you heard it did it play
For once did the music find a way

The Fool In The Photo

I should know by now but never learn
That in those pictures I will always find
A hidden tear waiting to burst
When only smiles existed in that time

But still I look as the pain is sweet
And if this is torture I will not break
I live the moment as if it were now
The memory so clear it could not be fake

As it did then I feel my heart begin to race
See the reflection of a candle dance in your eye
Allow a hint of your perfume to linger in my head
I would live in that moment until the second I die

But try as I might it cannot be held
And as always before I can only curse
The fool in the photo who hid from life
In a risk free existence infinitely worse