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As I fall




As I fall from heights I could barely climb
I see reflections of me but in a different time
From darkness I pear and try to hold on
But the walls are shear and the images gone
I’m plunging still through unknown depths
In a chasm I know well and I can never forget
It’s the hole in my head that opens at will
To steal the breath from any pleasure I feel
Yet I’m oddly comforted in that desolate place
Greeted by depression in it’s knowing embrace
With a crooked smile as it leads me home
From the break I took from being alone


Missing you

For those moments that now will pass

Without you smile without your spark

I wish words back that once were said

To remain in silence locked in my head

For once freed they could not be ignored

To live as we were to live as we should

An invisible line forever now drawn

Between us in present the past now gone

Though as then they still hold true

Those words of love those words that flew

But maybe contained in an ignorant bliss

I would be saved the pain of what I now miss






I see the shadows dance and creep
Along the walls through bedroom streets
As if alive they taunt and threaten
To keep from sleep I was never getting
With eyes closed tight against the world
My mind runs rampant and soon unfurls
For whatever hides in this dark room
Cannot compare with this minds gloom
So before one day turns into the next
I beg for solace and a few hours rest
And on some nights the thoughts relent
Allow the peace of slumber to descend
To have such a night at this day’s end
Is all I ask when I have tomorrow to contend