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Some things just are




Never unsure so much as confused
Evidence all around
But based on faith I lose

Not everyone is built like you
Locked and withdrawn
unable to trust in anything new

Think before you go to far
Overlook your life
And understand some things just are


A bond an oath



Sworn aloud a bond an oath
In pleasure or pain
Held true kept close

From all things yet set above
As aim or goal
Beyond limits of love

Frailties of mind the human condition
Their weakness or strength
Only lies in decision

Effort of will deemed without choice
If stolen or tempered
By minds tempted voice

Purpose clear and still grasped tight
By honor or indulgence
Can wrong become right






They sparkled and shone

A light beyond compare

Just a single heartbeat

Not conscious or aware

Honest and without thought

A reaction not planned

Expressing in an instant

What words rarely can

Joy In a reflection

A spark also seen

Not able to control

Never was there need



I went once with tears in my heart

Unable to cope not willing to share

An empty vessel of who I was

And all through this I just didn’t care

In turning my back and running as I did

What I had become I left behind

Not who I was or what people could see

But the reflection from which I could not hide

Now I return not trying to flee

Found in those days a second home

A soul once cleansed to begin anew

Returns settled no longer alone



If I never tell you

Have I ever told you

Sometimes you cross my mind

A flash of something we have shared

Interrupts from time to time

From nowhere comes your smile

Your grace or your laugh

Just a fleeting image of you

More present than the past

A day made better

From the smile you have brought

Without ever trying

Without a single thought

The moments they pass

But will always remain

Kept forever locked and safe

Still seen time and again

If I never tell you

If I keep it to myself

Understand I am grateful

For everything we have felt