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The Quiet

A room filled with noise

Voices and song

Fails in its aim

The quiet remains strong

All you can hear

But can never reply

Is the punishing silence

As time drags by

Not mistaken for peace

That serene blissful state

Only an endless void

Of suffering and hate

Broken at long last

By solace or sleep

One brought by friends

The other as you weep



At times like these when words seem lost
I struggle for an image to burn through the frost
To ignite that spark I so dearly need
For which I would cry, have loved and would bleed
A thought that lingers just long enough to be clear
Captured in essence and explored as if here
A time, a place, a person or a feeling
Something that now or once held meaning
The places in my heart reserved or forever taken
Now serve as my muse when my pen is forsaken


I need a distraction from the fear and doubt

The endless nagging at the back of my mind

A doom foreseen but as yet not found

The remedy for which is the coming of time

An answer spoken despite of outcome

Would end the suspense of now troubled thoughts

 Relieve crushing weight baring down on a soul

Silence the voices of malice and loss

Yet in the answer a future could be found

Of settled existence and structured bond

A place to lay roots for so long carried

No longer searching for where I am from


Lay your head on my chest and drift away
To a dreamless sleep where no shadows hold sway
That restful place with no earthly home
So hard to find with a mind set to roam
An hour or 2 with no burdens to shoulder
Shifted for now and held till it’s over
By ever willing hands that will never lose strength
When all they are asked is to help a friend
As you close your eyes and your breathing slows
Know that when you wake I will still not go

OK so it was brought to my attention today that my previous post ( could have been construed as being sexist due to there being no women invited to my diner party. In the interest of equality and to dispel any possible notion of sexism, I have decided to even the scales. So below you will find my invitees for a female only dinner party (even the title makes me think this one would be more fun)

Tracy Chapman

I don’t throw around the term genius often or lightly but in Tracy’s case there is no other word that could possibly do her justice. She has been one of my favourite song writers and singers ever since I can remember listening to music. Her song the promise will always be one of my top 5 songs of all time. Add to this her reclusive nature and activist personality and you have a well deserved seat at the top table.

Dame Judy Dench

Love her, just love her. She is easily the most talented actress to come from these shores that I have ever seen. Amazing ability to portray true emotion in a plethora (awesome word btw) of genres. Not just that but every time I see her in an interview or speaking at a celeb bash she just comes across as a genuinely nice, down to earth women. Would imagine her stories to be amazing.

Margaret Thatcher

One of the most divisive figures in the recent political history of the UK and one of the most driven women of any generation. Love her or hate her (and it does seem to be 1 or the other with Maggie) you cant help but respect what she managed to achieve. The first and so far only female PM the UK has voted in and a politician who centralized power like no other before her. My political opinions irrelevant I would just like to see what she was really like.

Helen of Troy

‘The face that launched a thousand ships’. With a tag line like that who would not want to meet this woman and know what all that fighting was about. I have always loved that period in history and everything that went with it and she is one of the stand out figure of that time (in my opinion).

Dawn French

Every table needs a laugh and with Dawn French in attendance I think laughter is guaranteed. The vicar of Dibley is still one of the best comedies ever made. A quick wit and a way with words that would make anyone jealous, Lady Dawn (yes i am now bestowing titles in my spare time)  is the final member of my assembled party.

So there you have my table of Ladies, who would make your guest list………