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It’s not until you really look at the space around you that you realize how diverse it is. I live in a capital city, OK so not huge in the grand scheme of things but a capital city none the less. Yet when walking no more than 2 miles from my flat I pass places that could easily be countryside. That’s one of the reasons I love Edinburgh so much……

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It’s a shame the camera on my phone isn’t better as Edinburgh at night is simple spectacular and without a good camera it’s hard to do it justice


As you may know from reading previous posts I am lucky enough to live in a little city called Edinburgh. It’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It has amazing architecture, A royal palace, An ancient castle, Botanical gardens and Arthur’s Seat to name but a few of the attractions and subjects I could have used for this weeks challenge. I choose none of them, in fact I didn’t even leave my flat. You see I thought that while there were perhaps some amazing and captivating photos to be taken outside, there is one that sums up “lost in the details” probably not more than 10 feet from anyone currently reading this. The saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” is just another way of saying don’t lose the detail by not looking close enough. So this is the detail.


Right as you may have realized by now I am (at times) the sentimental type. So when the weekly photo challenge was to present a picture that to me represented a kiss I had a few options already in mind. All pretty generic scenes of me with a loved one or an ex. Was even tempted to use one of a butterfly as a butterfly kiss was used to wake me up for about a year and it always started the day off right (if you don’t know what a butterfly kiss is don’t worry is completely innocent).


But no there will be no sentimentality this time round. I have no idea why I have decided that this is a good idea, I blame having only 2 hours sleep and an outrageous hangover, but my choice today (fitting as its how I felt on my way to work this morning) is the kiss of death. This is not for the faint of heart and I warn you now that once seen you will never be able to erase the image!










Home is an interesting concept for me. I have lived in over 30 places. Having said that I don’t think of home as being a building, town, city or even a country. Home to me is simply where I feel comfortable enough to be me. So I could be anywhere on this earth and be home so long as I have 1 or all of the people below with me, they make this world my home……..



I have spent the day looking through photos both old and new. Pictures of friends, loved ones, Old girlfriends, places etc etc etc But then I came across this picture. I think that the love you get from a family pet is one of the purest forms of love, simply because it is given without reserve and there is never a hidden agenda or lie………..

sam and andrew