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The pages of a book
lie open and clear
Filled with a world
Very few ever hear

A story spills out
Not told but relived
Not asking for approval
Much less to forgive

It was never hidden
Always in plain sight
Just hard to begin
The time rarely right

And yet when found
The pages turn free
Read end to end
Proving hard to believe

Now it stands complete
While ink still flows
The story you hear
Will change and grow

Always as it was
Just a different perspective
That book lying open
No longer needs protected






In two places at once but a body lacking mind

Physically here though a care you will not find

Somewhere else entirely a spirit finds no quiet

Pacing too and fro it’s thought’s a constant riot

Waiting for the word there is no doubt will come

Regardless of that knowledge waiting must be done

To be present when you wake is the least that you deserve

Whatever strength I have is yours without reserve

Though from your side I find myself miles away

In everything but body I am with you there today


Can a memory ever fade so much as to deny being

Leaving no footprints to follow or trace it was there

How to explain what is missing is understood

 But without the memory there is nothing to compare

Better controlled than left in the hands of others

Defensive decision made to protect what you can

Though with protection came the need to forget

Far from conscious never part of the plan

Now there is the feeling something is missing

 But is it there and just unable to be seen

Has what you seek to long been suppressed

To be recognised now where it may be


OK you maybe under the misconception that it is Monday, this simply is not correct! You see I am off on Wednesday thus making it Saturday and if Wednesday is Saturday it stands to reason that Tuesday is Friday. “But it’s only Monday” you say in a sceptical voice, yes and no, it’s true that it is Monday but as I am now finished work it is effectively the next day which means…………. It’s Friday.


Today’s top 5 is one very close to my heart (yes I have one of those). Things I am looking forward to this year (how self-absorbed am I), everyone has to have things to look forward to that get them through some of the everyday drudgery and this is what will get me through any and all bumps in the road this year.


No 1 (by a good distance). Spain

In less than 3 weeks I go on a real adventure. Now, not being a religious man, I have had a few strange looks when telling people I am walking the last part of the Camino De Santiago (an ancient catholic pilgrimage). We will be starting  in Vigo and over 8 days covering the distance to Santiago on foot. In honesty I think the strange looks were more for the fact I am doing this with someone I have never actually met in person (see adventure). But hey in a world that is increasingly getting smaller who needs to actually meet someone to get to know them? Anyway, it is impossible to put into words how much I am looking forward to this trip. The weather, the food , the company, the scenery, the history, the walking, the wine and most importantly the experience. It is going to be AWESOME.


No 2. Counting Crows


A band I love and will see (whenever possible) every time they come to the UK. This will be my third gig of theirs (they really need to tour here more often). As good live as they are recorded, if not better, I have yet to go to a bad crows gig and I cant see this one being any less amazing. As always these things are best enjoyed with friends and I will be with some of the best a man could wish for, sorted.


No 3. Billy Connolly.


When he last toured he essentially said it would be his last tour, I couldn’t get tickets and I thought my chance to see a true legend had gone. When I woke up on Saturday morning to find messages asking me if I wanted to get tickets to his latest tour, that sold out in 40 minutes, I was gutted as I thought I had again missed the chance to see him. Thankfully, as I seem to say on here quite a lot, I have the greatest friends ever and Kate bought me a ticket just in case. For the rest of that Saturday, even though I was at work I had a smile on my face so wide everyone thought I was on drugs. HAPPY ANDY.


No 4. The Independence Debate Concludes.


If you have lived in Scotland for the last few years you will know that this debate is everywhere and totally inescapable. Quite rightly as it is easily one of the biggest referendums’ in our countries history, if not the biggest. Now far from using this as a political forum I am simply looking forward to the event itself, I obviously know which way I am going to vote and the outcome I want but I honestly think it is too close to call right now and could go either way. But whatever happens I will have a front row seat and intend to follow a little tradition with my old man (if he can stay awake, he is getting on a bit). We used to stay up to watch the votes come in on general election night with a bottle of malt whiskey and I can think of no better way to see this one through to the end, not least because we are firmly on opposite sides when it comes to the decision.


No 5. Vacant and looking for suitably momentous event.


While I have more than just those to look forward to there is always that hope that 1 last big thing will come along. So I am not going to be left without a slot if it does and shall keep this one open. After all there is almost 6 months left of this year and who knows what’s gonna happen.




So there you have it, 5 reasons why the end of 2014 is indeed something to look forward too. I hope you all have a list as good as that.







A question of faith

Do you still believe
Have the faith you held
In what you can’t prove
But have always felt

Has too much happened
To sway fragile hope
That what once had strength
Now just can’t cope

Has the beat turned to ash
No fire could sustain
Or simply been frozen
To melt once again

So many questions
But the answers evade
Until it is tested
That way it will stay