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As Sleep Descends

I will dream no more of scream cloaked death
Allow no shadows to swallow my breath
If darkness stalks an unprotected mind
A fearsome light is all it shall find

No thoughts of days less joyful end
Shall plague me then as sleep descends
Left were found in the waking world
They have no place where dreams unfurl

Dream of times past that never once fade
Or of a future I wish to be made
The faces I love and always keep at heart
Or those not met with a history soon to start





Still Standing




I close my eyes and wish for a peace the world conspires to steal
But the quiet I seek is forever moving and dragged from my reach
The storm within and crashing outside seems only to gather strength
Leaving in it’s wake a tormented mind that simply wants to weep

In turn and in time it may resolve with conflict at last giving way
For a moment at least rest will find a home inside quieted soul
To breath in freedom and not be restricted by life’s wrath
Battle worn and ravaged by war but standing still standing I know




Just one of those days



You know the drill, you wake up and something just isn’t right, something isn’t clicking, it’s a duvet day and there is no duvet in sight so you just have to get on with it. That was my day from the moment I woke up.


Not to be confused with the BLAH phenomenon that the Oxford Dictionary defines as : the inability to give a flying fuck, being entirely uninterested in one’s surroundings or daily life,¬†or Just plain zombie like. No no no no no this is different.


It wasn’t a bad mood, I got out of the same side of the bed as I always do, though tomorrow I am going to make a point of getting out of the other side just to see if it actually makes a difference. I wasn’t uninterested or withdrawn. I just knew that it was “one of those days”. Seriously, by 10 am I swear it seemed like everyone around me was doing their best to tip me over the edge, force me to explode and perhaps go slightly too far and crucify everyone within hitting distance (in most cases this would have been extreme, some just plain fun). Was this in my head, probably. Could I see this, oh hell no. Did I want to, why would I?.


As it happens I survived (odd that me writing this now and all). Not only did I survive but I did so without taking anyone’s head off, I have been known to let fly verbally on occasion. In fact before I left work I was even paid an unexpected compliment on my coaching skills and temperament, that small thing really did make me smile.


Between then and now I have walked my usual few miles home along the canal with my lil sis, stopped off for a glass of red (or 2) with her and my best mate and now am fully chilled. I may be exhausted, it’s possible I am doing to many hours and as a colleague said “looking pale” (I’m British we’re all pale) but it’s just been one of those days, they happen, they pass and so long as you are smiling at the end they do no real harm.


On the upside I put the disposable camera from rib day (you’ll know what I mean if you read an earlier post) in to be developed and will get to pick it up on Thursday, really looking forward to seeing actual photos for a change and not just the digital type.


Have a good week folks

Let Life Write




I could turn the page and live again
A time now lost that has no end
Set in stone like the castles of old
As fresh today as when first told
For stories of rage, joy or sorrow
Makes parts a whole to stand tomorrow
Taken as one a picture may form
But all together a person is born
I will turn the page and let life write
Tomorrow’s stories with same eyes sight




Hitting the groove


I love it and it’s almost indescribable. That moment on a run when you realise it has just all clicked together, your movement is completely instinctive and requires no thought at all, the landscape just seems to glide past, you feel like you could just forever.

It’s been a long time since I hit that groove, but tonight after work when I started out I could feel it all clicking. The music in my ears helping me find that rhythm, none of the usual pain from the knee I destroyed all those years ago and a big goofy smile on my face (at least that’s how it felt, in reality I probably just looked sweaty and red). My only problem was having to stop myself after just shy of 5 miles, I could have done more but having had shin splints before from over doing the training at the outset I wasn’t about to make that mistake again.

If only all runs could be like that.

So when I got home I decided I should reward myself and boy did I. I went ahead and booked my August holiday. Not only will I be going on an adventure in Spain, a country I have not yet visited, but I will be doing so with someone that I am greatly looking forward to meeting. If that wasn’t enough when I leave Spain I will be flying to see one of my little sisters in England for a few days before heading home.

As Wednesdays go I’d say this has be pretty damn AWESOME (just hope I can still walk tomorrow)