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One Last Dance

Time rolls on as the song plays out

Always in tune but lost in doubt

A Dance no longer for two too share

The final notes heard in silent prayer

Our final steps slow and tender

No music now left to bind us together


The Portrait

A black and white still

Captures an easy elegance

Lost in a thought

Without effort or pretence

Head bowed for a moment

Shared but kept secret

Though almost touching

Alone for an instant

Smile played upon lips

From remembrance or sight

I wonder at the thought

That brings colour and light

Framed in a second

Of  innocent pleasure

A portrait of pure beauty

 No greater treasure

Heaven Sent




I awake from a dream not yet willing to leave
A continued fantasy my unconscious mind conceived
The reality paled and could never stand in place
Of images so clear their form I could trace
Base desires met in seemingly endless waves of pleasure
Bodies moving as one in complete and total surrender
Shared and relived in tortures sweetest form
With dreams star were all thoughts were born
A story interlaced with times of pure content
Those beautiful moments that are simply heaven sent
No action more delicate or free from all wish
Than lying intertwined sleep sealed with a kiss

The muse left unaware




The truth of words written but never said aloud
Remaining on the page in view but never found
Breathing life into thoughts and making them soar
Allowing space to relive, reminisce and adore
Of the tales they inspire the muse left unaware
Penned in their honour yet hidden from their stare
A glimpse now and then sometimes offered on a whim
When the mood takes and finds courage from within
Yet more of what flows will remain forever out of sight
A simple, silent homage to those that cast their light

Walk with the reaper

Take a walk with me
I can make you forget
The pain that you hold
And all the regret
The moments of doubt
Those insecure cries
Life’s endless darkness
Forever black skies
Clocked and hooded
With gliding steps
Whispering so sweetly
As the angels wept
The promise obscene
In nature and deed
For to be granted
This world you must leave
By your own hand
And with your own will
Forsake your own future
Your own heart you must still