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I dreamed a memory as clear as day
But forgot on waking till this daysnight
As words found home and lifted a fog
Instantly transported to sleeping insight

I know it well for it plays on repeat
No words but their lack silence complete
Barely seconds then gone with a wish
To lift uncertainty not leave with a kiss

So why then the dream of deja vu
Without a twist to brighten the tale
Only a torture I’ve lived many times
A singular reminder of how loves fail


My Butterfly


They’re other people words
Or the stories they write
Yet louder than any siren
They intrude on my life

I hear their thoughts
And what I see is you
I wish they were mine
I wish they were new

What I can pen
Never seems to compare
Always lacking that feeling
Missing that dare

So I listen and imagine
And from there I yet try
To pen the words that I hear
When stolen by my butterfly


The Myth

What is there to lose when tomorrow is a myth
No more attainable than eternal life
So the choices we make with our future in mind
Are simply the roll of a dice

Could fate now being playing a hand already dealt
Allowing a second chance to grasp
That which once seemed the folly of dreams
An image just too bright to last

If the thoughts for once stopped fighting for space
Providing just a moment of calm
To see through the chaos of twisted future
Making firm under foot the shifting sand

In Dreams

It’s not for the minutes
or the stolen chance of rest
Nor for what ails me
Or that which causes stress

But for every second since
And those I know will come
For as soon as I leave here
All I want to do is run

So let me sleep those extra hours
In dreams I can control
Surrounded by my memories
Where my half can still feel whole

They may still turn against me
In fact they often do
But they are of my creation
And the pain they cause is due

Am I still now dreaming
Sometimes I cannot tell
I walk the line between dreams and real
And wonder when I fell

I See





I see but will not move
As my eyes have lied before
In those rose tinted dreams
That lay shattered on the floor

Yet a simple melody plays
In my head or somewhere close
In the background as we talk
As the night around us slows

But still I do not move
Nor trust the song I hear
Just get lost in that moment
When life is all but clear

I see but have not moved
This night or any other
But should that music stop
Will I find it with another