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The People We Were

I miss the way we used to talk all the time
About nothing in particular
Just our daily lives

All those years ago I guess I was blind
To the comfort it brought
I now wish I could find

I miss our days that went of script
Those mini adventures
That went downhill quick

Before we got bogged down with the pressures of age
When our days were ours
And the nights would fade

I miss our club and it’s almost daily meetings
The 6 bottles of wine
That often saw us sleeping

The youngest old wives the world has ever known
Wherever we were
That place could be home

I miss all these things but the memories I hold
Of the people we were
And the stories now told

For no matter my age or who I may miss
I know they’re still there
To help me reminisce


Too Long In The Dark

I wanted to believe
That hope didn’t lie
I was never deceived
True love couldn’t die
And for all my failings
Though I know I’m blind
That smile sent me sailing
But that smile isn’t mine
In a second I was torn
Not in choice but in torment
I saw my hope as forlorn
What still remained of fate spent
So what then is left to say
When ones dreams are broken on rocks
And no matter how hard you pray
Your face will not hide the shock
Left alone just too long in the dark
What sparks now and then never makes flame
And though we may reminisce about the start
It seems that time will never come again

Set It Free

Ignore the questions

Leave the doubts

Lighten the burden

Simply live without


Let it go

Set it free

A mind imprisoned

Is a dying tree


It struggles for room

Rails against darkness

Fights its limits

Till it breaks or forgets


So allow it space

Break it out

Let it run

Hear it shout


Then what is says

And how it thrives

Provide the answers

For which you strived


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The Myth

What is there to lose when tomorrow is a myth
No more attainable than eternal life
So the choices we make with our future in mind
Are simply the roll of a dice

Could fate now being playing a hand already dealt
Allowing a second chance to grasp
That which once seemed the folly of dreams
An image just too bright to last

If the thoughts for once stopped fighting for space
Providing just a moment of calm
To see through the chaos of twisted future
Making firm under foot the shifting sand

Days Gone By

What is there to be missed of days gone by
Now those players have bowed their last
As inevitable change leaves cast aside
Who we were when looking at the past

For months or years it no longer matters
The meaning of time lost in thought
What was important framed forever
As pictures we see when of them we talk

Yet as we reminisce those feelings stir
As if today they could walk from our mind
And be who they were when we knew them last
Not just pictures from those days gone by