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The Amber

Warm and inviting

Like a summers eve

Swirling with clouds

Intoxicating relief

The essence of simplicity

Unaltered by time

The same now as always

And forever sublime

For days weary soul

A heady mix

Savoured in moments

Those glorious sips

Never just liquid

An experience in itself

Aromas and taste

All of them felt

Flowing from crystal

Or surrounded by glass

Bathed in the sun

Or candle light cast

Raised in salute

Indulge as you wish

An epic toast

Life lived for this


Say it softly




Say it softly in the hushed tones I know
Whisper of things not yet sure or seen
A secret from the life capable of stealing
Dreams from grasp as if they’d never been

Hold for the time they can no longer take
As dice cast in motion settle on their bet
A victory there for those willing to risk
All their words for the silence of regret

Say it softly in the hushed tones I know
Remind me of when I once walked in peace
Take my doubts from where the hold sway
Allow what’s to come to make me complete





Re-wired but when and from what
So long left it became normal
Questioning ceased in favour of void
Easier forgotten than to face the battle

Too far removed to be repaired
Damage complete but is it broken
Altered state from that which was known
Lives in tandem whilst always lonesome

Better now that distance is kept
Forced by ever shifting lines
Losing something from the lack of caring
In the most unstable stable mind

A mind freed

A mind playing tricks or just speaking freely
Without the constraint or worry of thought
A question I have asked for so many years
And still the lesson I wait to be tought

Do the words I find that before lacked voice
Reflect the desires through fear I deny
Break down the walls I’ve struggled to build
And allow my grounded mind to fly

Or do I see only what I seek to find
Create a world In that night to slip
Losing myself in a story too perfect
Where in reality I just don’t fit

The answer I guess for I cannot know
Is both and neither in equal share
The truth I hold as I can see no lie
But then on waking the walls are there

Missing You




Never considered a feeling of meaning
At least for one for whom it stopped
The lack of a presence felt but not missed
An emotional response that seemed to be lost

A tiny sensation with no physical root
Was left to linger in that empty space
Once it was yours and filled by you
The memory of which now lives in grace

An ache of sorts yet almost sweet
Is alive once more a treasured gift
No longer dismissed or blocked from mind
I smile as I say you will always be missed