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A world of rusty gears

Oh for the love of christ where did it all go wrong
Days on end spent caged and trying to stay strong
When all about me crumbles including my own will
And yet still I stay to suffer more of this bitter pill

What more can they take when take is all they do
regardless of the pain they know they put you through
More with less is the mantra we know so well
But is it still a joke to say I work in the depths of hell

We’re all about the people unless they speak their mind
For why should we listen when profits is always blind
A faceless organ grinder in a world of rusty gears
I am sure stands there laughing at all our wasted tears

There is no end to these days or the extra they expect
Start early, finish late and smile with respect
For aren’t you all so lucky and privileged just to be
In a place you adore,slaves too masters you can see












An echoing deafness from the stillness calls
Complete in the silence of surrounding walls
The sanctuary sought can become a tomb
For the lack of will that came too soon
That which is blessed and so dearly cherished
Could yet be the reason for life to perish
As the voices missed begin to fade
What then can keep the silence at bay
In its grasp loneliness sits safe
observing a life spent in wait

With the Dawn

It’s easy to get lost
To forget who we are
lay our heads on a pillow
Let tears fall under stars

Allow dark thoughts to take hold
Convince us we are frail
That alone we stand against dying light
Our own minds the cross and nail

A fragile rock made from china
Lawless, brave but ultimately doomed
When strength dissolves and will twists
Sinks without trance just shadow of the moon

With the dawn comes faith
That again you can rise
Power returns to the legs
That carry you through life

To feel weak is no shame
Fearing the unknown only right
But nothing yet has beaten you
So don’t give up the fight