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I know I am drowning but can’t explain why
The weight of my thought’s is dragging me down
Preventing my attempts to move or struggle
Making me believe no escape can be found
These thoughts consume my every minute
But I can’t let them go I can’t break free
They are now so ingrained I see them as fact
Becoming a part of me that soon others will see
The wasted remains of confidence and bravado
Are clinging on with their final breath’s
Having saved me before and lifted me up
This time I wonder if they have anything left
As the surface disappears and still I sink
I welcome the darkness and its quiet respite
A moment of calm in the never-ending noise
Of thoughts and doubts I am too tired to fight
I can see no end, no up or down
Only the endless loops of thoughts in my head
And so now I know my ultimate demise
Was caused by thoughts that turned to lead





Set It Free

Ignore the questions

Leave the doubts

Lighten the burden

Simply live without


Let it go

Set it free

A mind imprisoned

Is a dying tree


It struggles for room

Rails against darkness

Fights its limits

Till it breaks or forgets


So allow it space

Break it out

Let it run

Hear it shout


Then what is says

And how it thrives

Provide the answers

For which you strived


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Live’s to write

There may never come a time when all becomes sound
For the words in my head may still struggle and drown
Their grip on the world just too weak to remain
Beyond imagination where fear can be tamed

Yet even when quiet and withdrawn to the eyes of others
There is a place of refuge where I while away the hours
And though never spoken the words can now find life
Released by a pen that only live’s to write


Do minds recall or just replace
Memories with a fiction we’d rather embrace
Are the people we knew all that they seem
Or are they figments of a rose-tinted dream
Standing on pedestals no-one can climb
Elevated there by the losses of time
Sometimes the idea means more than the fact
What you miss now may simply be that
Not what was real but what you now desire
A mirage of the mind of which you never tire