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Be The Light

It really is those small things that count
A simple thought or act of kindness
Can change a day before its begun
And leave a smile where before there was sadness

You may never know or ever be told
How much what you did could have meant
But in those days where darkness reigns
What to you was nothing made darkness relent

Though never thought through or perhaps understood
That one act alone could lift a weight
From shoulders weighed down suffering in silence
And in that mind threatening to break

So be that light not something that drains
Remember the gestures that lightened your step
Forget not the simple insignificant moments
For to someone else they’re memories kept


Each and Everyone





Don’t look back is a phrase often heard
When talking of love that from calm waters stirred
Left with no opposition a mind free to dwell
Could linger so long as if held under spell
Keep moving forward in thought and in time
Till restless memories learn to be kind
When looking back is no longer consuming
Just the second in a day of your own choosing
I see the faces and smiles of all gone before
Nothing is left of the tears that they bore
The deepest molten brown or bright blues eyes
Hair flying in the wind as we danced under skies
I owe who I am to each and everyone
But am thankful for their parting and what I will become

Mapping a mind

A junction unfinished but not a dead-end
Cast aside forgotten moved onto something new
Roads built in all directions an idea simply spent
Dropped where it stood grounded before it flew
Messed up, tangled no single sense of order
Random, intangible entirely impossible to follow
A mind is constrained not by acceptable law
But is free to wander and in your own head grow
Walk the depths of someone else’s mind
Be intrigued, scarred and unsure of what you see
But listen to their words not thoughts and then in time
You may learn how they think and what their life has been