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Simply Repeat



How long will I stay and simply repeat
The same day I have lived only broken by sleep
A question I ask more often than before
As I stare unflinching at an ever open door
Too many options and choices to be made
Indecision and fear the reasons I have stayed
For this is what I know and have for so long
That before now fades like the end to a song
Is now then the time to cast off the chains
Run for the exit before nothing else remains
Give life a chance and everything outside
That till now was here and always denied


Stay With Me

Stay with me though I show no need
I may never ask with word or deed
Be at my side when I seem OK
With you there I will survive the day
Ignore the smiles and sense the pain
It maybe hidden but yet remain
Hear the anguish underneath the laugh
Return me to the present as I lay in the past
I ask these things too often I know
Though never once have you chosen to go
Whenever I slip you ensure I don’t fall
My blessing, My life, My world, My all