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Don’t smile on demand






I remember being asked to smile
When the clouds in my head were full of rain
And wondered at a life so vile
That too often kills beauty with pain

Why then should I smile when this is life
Surely my tears are far more suited
To a world like this filled with endless strife
And the misery in which its always rooted

So don’t smile just because you are asked
Or even cry because it’s expected
Be how you are to the world unmasked
For all you can do is be your world reflected





Be The Light

It really is those small things that count
A simple thought or act of kindness
Can change a day before its begun
And leave a smile where before there was sadness

You may never know or ever be told
How much what you did could have meant
But in those days where darkness reigns
What to you was nothing made darkness relent

Though never thought through or perhaps understood
That one act alone could lift a weight
From shoulders weighed down suffering in silence
And in that mind threatening to break

So be that light not something that drains
Remember the gestures that lightened your step
Forget not the simple insignificant moments
For to someone else they’re memories kept


I guess it just comes easy simply not to see
Close my eyes against a world that may seek to deceive
Sight long trained not to linger but to glance
Keeps life at a distance safe from its trance
so on those occasions when a vision breaks through
It stays as a memory unbroken and new
Vibrant with colour so vivid and bright
That all else is lost within its blinding light
Then out of nowhere pictures flood my mind
Of that I know I miss but am sure of where to find



It’s only a word
But it’s more than it’s meaning
It’s only a word
That brings back so much feeling

Music to my ears
I’ve heard a tousand times before
Music to my ears
Sung by a voice I adore

Light in the dark
That a bad day can’t steal
Light in the dark
Can make pure magic seem real

Forever I will hear
And this promise cannot be broken
Forever I will hear
Only your voice when it’s spoken


Burning Stars

Shattered glass creates prisms of light
Dazzling emeralds lit by fires
Impossible colours unfathomable depth
The very essence of what inspires

Burning stars that inflame the dark
Explosions captured and forever replayed
Motionless movements that spark and glow
Beauty able to transform seconds to days

For the rest my time this truth will stand
That nothing more precious on this earth exists
Than those eyes that sparkle with undefinable light
And remind a life of the smile it missed