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I know I am drowning but can’t explain why
The weight of my thought’s is dragging me down
Preventing my attempts to move or struggle
Making me believe no escape can be found
These thoughts consume my every minute
But I can’t let them go I can’t break free
They are now so ingrained I see them as fact
Becoming a part of me that soon others will see
The wasted remains of confidence and bravado
Are clinging on with their final breath’s
Having saved me before and lifted me up
This time I wonder if they have anything left
As the surface disappears and still I sink
I welcome the darkness and its quiet respite
A moment of calm in the never-ending noise
Of thoughts and doubts I am too tired to fight
I can see no end, no up or down
Only the endless loops of thoughts in my head
And so now I know my ultimate demise
Was caused by thoughts that turned to lead





The Missed Life’s Blues

What if I just kept on walking
It may end but why then should I
One journey completed sparks another
My feet set to wander my mind to fly

From a distance perhaps an unworkable dream
Lying in wait never to be reached
Spoken of, desired, real enough you can touch
Though ever outside the reality you keep

So many reasons fighting for space
Overshadow those as excuses you use
Make light of the life you choose to lead
Pen the words of your missed life’s blues