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A world of rusty gears

Oh for the love of christ where did it all go wrong
Days on end spent caged and trying to stay strong
When all about me crumbles including my own will
And yet still I stay to suffer more of this bitter pill

What more can they take when take is all they do
regardless of the pain they know they put you through
More with less is the mantra we know so well
But is it still a joke to say I work in the depths of hell

We’re all about the people unless they speak their mind
For why should we listen when profits is always blind
A faceless organ grinder in a world of rusty gears
I am sure stands there laughing at all our wasted tears

There is no end to these days or the extra they expect
Start early, finish late and smile with respect
For aren’t you all so lucky and privileged just to be
In a place you adore,slaves too masters you can see






Last Nerve





A last nerve frayed yet still held in check
It’s pain a twisted knot of constant regret
Salt in the mouth from a tongue now bitten
Allowing no freedom to the words being bidden
And still is the goading the want to inflame
The reaction so desired unknown but for fame
Why then the ache to cause such conflict
What possible reason for the choice to inflict
Such lack of understanding, thought or space
The human condition gone without a trace
Oh then to explode with fury and spite
Rain forth what they desire with unrestrained might
Allow them the show they seem intent to start
Watch then the tears as you tear their world apart


All too often in today’s work place I find that “training” is replaced by regurgitation and childish exercises, no doubt intended to refresh knowledge and improve understanding but with the only results being that those taking part feel patronised and uninspired.


The current, and all too long running, fascination with acronyms is a great example of what is wrong with large industry and their training methods. Having been in a working environment for longer than I care to remember I have had the unfortunate pleasure of having more acronyms than I can count forced down my throat. In the service industry these mostly focus on how we can engage with our customer in the front line roles. Without exception the dozens of acronyms you will hear have a central theme, CONVERSATION, it’s basic and fundamental in all front line exchanges and perhaps because of this it is unfashionable!


Why must a worker be able to tell you the meaning of a letter in an acronym before they are deemed able to have an acceptable conversation?


Why must there be so many variations on a central theme that invariably get lost in translation?


Why must we over complicate something so simple?


Is our obsession with “training techniques” and “formulas for success” really achieving the aim of improving individual’s competency? Or are we simply succeeding in creating a generation of employees who no longer have basic conversational skills and rely on robotically programmed responses to taught scenarios. Can we now look at our service industry and make genuine comparisons with an automated factory production line? Front line robots being controlled by master robots and those in turn being programmed through a single computer programme. While some may find this insulting, I would ask them to think about their last group training session and see the truth in the statement.


So how do we fix this problem? What can be done to ensure that training either individually or as part of a group actually succeeds in it’s over all aim?


The answer, as so often, is in the question.


People are individuals. We are all different, from varying backgrounds and have had different life experiences. How then can a “one size fits all” approach ever be expected to have the desired results. These differences must be nurtured and praised, for it is through these that we truly establish effective communication and rapport. Having a conversation should be the most natural of things and when done in a style that the individual is comfortable with, so long as they understand the aim of that conversation, will result in a far more effective and enjoyable experience for all concerned. Our training should then reflect this and be tailored to bring out the best in the individuals being trained. Not to train these individuals to become part of a collective consciousness without the ability to think for themselves.


Please do not misunderstand me, I am fully aware that in order to get across a mass message occasionally these methods are an unfortunate necessity. That being said, surely the use of acronyms ceased being of any benefit in high school (or before), when learning was less about free thinking and individuality than it was remembering what teachers had advised us would be an acceptable answer to pass an exam.


This is also not an attack on those providing the “training”, I am not a fan of shooting the messenger. Those poor soul’s are after all only doing what they are told they must (being programmed). It is not their fault that the materials they are forced to use are not fit for purpose and that even more fundamentally they are not allowed to deviate from them. It should also be pointed out that this lack of adequate training methods does not stop at the front line. With this being the case and with those people providing the “training” not being supported or trained sufficiently themselves, how then can we legitimately expect the “training” they provide to be of an acceptable standard.



Live’s to write

There may never come a time when all becomes sound
For the words in my head may still struggle and drown
Their grip on the world just too weak to remain
Beyond imagination where fear can be tamed

Yet even when quiet and withdrawn to the eyes of others
There is a place of refuge where I while away the hours
And though never spoken the words can now find life
Released by a pen that only live’s to write

So long

Has it really been so long

Have our paths twisted from view

That now when my thoughts you guess

You speak not of the brother you knew

Did we ever control our tale

Was it always to be written this way

That two that once stood together

 Became strangers till the end of their days

What caused such bitter opinion

Where have these views been formed

That words now heard only ring of spite

And leave birth bond now shorn

Has it really been so long

Have our paths twisted from view

For now I wonder what’s left to save

When hearing such words from you