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A Heart Made From Hole’s

If you didn’t leave you couldn’t come back
But still the hole begins to open
That for a blissful time was full

Individual spaces only given to a select few
Can be what holds a heart together
Or the very reason it sometimes hurts

In times past feeling loss was simply lost
What should be missed pushed down deep
But somehow without the pain of separation

Maybe the lesson so long to be learned
Is a heart that’s whole lacks strength
But hearts made from holes beat forever


My Butterfly


They’re other people words
Or the stories they write
Yet louder than any siren
They intrude on my life

I hear their thoughts
And what I see is you
I wish they were mine
I wish they were new

What I can pen
Never seems to compare
Always lacking that feeling
Missing that dare

So I listen and imagine
And from there I yet try
To pen the words that I hear
When stolen by my butterfly


Missing you

For those moments that now will pass

Without you smile without your spark

I wish words back that once were said

To remain in silence locked in my head

For once freed they could not be ignored

To live as we were to live as we should

An invisible line forever now drawn

Between us in present the past now gone

Though as then they still hold true

Those words of love those words that flew

But maybe contained in an ignorant bliss

I would be saved the pain of what I now miss


I see the sun’s rays form a shell of yellow
And in distant dreams it’s a light I still follow
Along rough-hewn paths and village streets
To age old mountains and spectacular peaks
With nothing more than a comforting weight
Of known destination and a sense of fate
For days at a time simply lost in a walk
That for chance would be no more than a thought
As dreams slip away a shell can still be seen
A reminder on my wall that shell will forever be


Can a memory ever fade so much as to deny being

Leaving no footprints to follow or trace it was there

How to explain what is missing is understood

 But without the memory there is nothing to compare

Better controlled than left in the hands of others

Defensive decision made to protect what you can

Though with protection came the need to forget

Far from conscious never part of the plan

Now there is the feeling something is missing

 But is it there and just unable to be seen

Has what you seek to long been suppressed

To be recognised now where it may be