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Be The Light

It really is those small things that count
A simple thought or act of kindness
Can change a day before its begun
And leave a smile where before there was sadness

You may never know or ever be told
How much what you did could have meant
But in those days where darkness reigns
What to you was nothing made darkness relent

Though never thought through or perhaps understood
That one act alone could lift a weight
From shoulders weighed down suffering in silence
And in that mind threatening to break

So be that light not something that drains
Remember the gestures that lightened your step
Forget not the simple insignificant moments
For to someone else they’re memories kept


The edge of life

What now for light and the warmth it brings
In growing night where nightmares sing
When on the edge as always walked
The light is further than ever thought
Once comforting cool space in shade
Now freezing expanse where brightness fades
The balance lost that held together
Life’s changing moods that seek to sever
Fragile grasp on smile so fleeting
It starts to question the heart still beating

The Light

The darkness is never so black as when the walls are out of reach
The space in which you stand gives life to the demons you keep
Spawned from a mind that sees shadows without light
That leaves only shivers no warmth could ever fight

But brightness kept at bay by tightly sealed lids
Will always find a way to kill the darkness where it lives
Its heart is one of many and will never skip a beat
So even in the darkness this light is yours to keep

Burning Stars

Shattered glass creates prisms of light
Dazzling emeralds lit by fires
Impossible colours unfathomable depth
The very essence of what inspires

Burning stars that inflame the dark
Explosions captured and forever replayed
Motionless movements that spark and glow
Beauty able to transform seconds to days

For the rest my time this truth will stand
That nothing more precious on this earth exists
Than those eyes that sparkle with undefinable light
And remind a life of the smile it missed

Talk me away

Talk me away from where I sit
Allow me to listen just for a night
For at this time I need not to think
Only some help to remain in the light

Attention in turn from love and worry
I cannot answer those questions of care
No sentiment left that I could impart
Would accurately describe what’s no longer there

So talk me away from where I sit
And allow me to listen till tomorrow’s dawn
Whilst in this time I would stop my thoughts
To remember the light too suddenly withdrawn