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Be The Light

It really is those small things that count
A simple thought or act of kindness
Can change a day before its begun
And leave a smile where before there was sadness

You may never know or ever be told
How much what you did could have meant
But in those days where darkness reigns
What to you was nothing made darkness relent

Though never thought through or perhaps understood
That one act alone could lift a weight
From shoulders weighed down suffering in silence
And in that mind threatening to break

So be that light not something that drains
Remember the gestures that lightened your step
Forget not the simple insignificant moments
For to someone else they’re memories kept



They filtered in
Without a word
Sat at ease
Eased his world

It was not said
nor ever asked
What brought them there
What held them fast

A normal night
To any that saw
That lifted his heart
Like few before

A timely reminder
As are they all
That regardless of reason
They will not let you fall