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I know I am drowning but can’t explain why
The weight of my thought’s is dragging me down
Preventing my attempts to move or struggle
Making me believe no escape can be found
These thoughts consume my every minute
But I can’t let them go I can’t break free
They are now so ingrained I see them as fact
Becoming a part of me that soon others will see
The wasted remains of confidence and bravado
Are clinging on with their final breath’s
Having saved me before and lifted me up
This time I wonder if they have anything left
As the surface disappears and still I sink
I welcome the darkness and its quiet respite
A moment of calm in the never-ending noise
Of thoughts and doubts I am too tired to fight
I can see no end, no up or down
Only the endless loops of thoughts in my head
And so now I know my ultimate demise
Was caused by thoughts that turned to lead






Never changing a single constant
Question asked in varying ways
Answer heard as always confident
Yet somehow is ever the same

Always spoken a reflex motion
Of no consequence if felt or not
For if there were a contrary notion
It remains unsaid and simply forgot

Subtlety lost as merely mistaken
Truth in words taken as gospel
A soul known as rarely shaken
An ancient myth too ingrained to dispel

On impulse replied now just nature
No lie intended or deception contrived
Far from an impending sense of danger
Only a minds instinct to survive


Nurtured from seed considered indigenous
Growing unchecked it’s roots taking hold
Until such time it becomes ingrained
Never once questioned secure in its role

Now inseparable from unaware host
A part of whole that lives and breathes
In some way guides while remaining silent
Down its path determined to lead

A light once shone forever brightens the dark
Spurring to life an inquiring mind
The riddle now set to discover origin
Now in motion an answer it will find