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A Heart Made From Hole’s

If you didn’t leave you couldn’t come back
But still the hole begins to open
That for a blissful time was full

Individual spaces only given to a select few
Can be what holds a heart together
Or the very reason it sometimes hurts

In times past feeling loss was simply lost
What should be missed pushed down deep
But somehow without the pain of separation

Maybe the lesson so long to be learned
Is a heart that’s whole lacks strength
But hearts made from holes beat forever



The Fool In The Photo

I should know by now but never learn
That in those pictures I will always find
A hidden tear waiting to burst
When only smiles existed in that time

But still I look as the pain is sweet
And if this is torture I will not break
I live the moment as if it were now
The memory so clear it could not be fake

As it did then I feel my heart begin to race
See the reflection of a candle dance in your eye
Allow a hint of your perfume to linger in my head
I would live in that moment until the second I die

But try as I might it cannot be held
And as always before I can only curse
The fool in the photo who hid from life
In a risk free existence infinitely worse

Life’s Cruel Nature

Life’s cruel nature and the fickle hand it deals
That the strongest amongst us are still left fragile
For one day to the next could ever be the last
No moment in between for granted as simple

As we say goodbye to those nature stole
Our own light dims as inner strength dissolves
What now we will miss that once wouldn’t fail
Changes forever how our own world revolves

Pained cries for those gone or now left behind
Echo forever in a souls hidden fear
As never can a hand relieve such a burden
Only help steady and try to be near

So for those we now miss or those whose tears fall
Our hearts swell in memory or beat when yours falter
Love for those gone shall be the strength for the next
And while never forgiving life’s cruel nature alters

The Light

The darkness is never so black as when the walls are out of reach
The space in which you stand gives life to the demons you keep
Spawned from a mind that sees shadows without light
That leaves only shivers no warmth could ever fight

But brightness kept at bay by tightly sealed lids
Will always find a way to kill the darkness where it lives
Its heart is one of many and will never skip a beat
So even in the darkness this light is yours to keep

Beyond Compare

So very few things in life remain beyond compare
Able to steal the very breath from a heart no longer there
A single sight of angles song written with a souls voice
mesmerizing in a split second offering no other choice
They appear far too seldom their light an impossible gift
For just to gaze upon them is enough to cause a shift
In your mind they are all you want
In a room they are all you can see
For your life you will search them out
For that love is what sets you free