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A Heart Made From Hole’s

If you didn’t leave you couldn’t come back
But still the hole begins to open
That for a blissful time was full

Individual spaces only given to a select few
Can be what holds a heart together
Or the very reason it sometimes hurts

In times past feeling loss was simply lost
What should be missed pushed down deep
But somehow without the pain of separation

Maybe the lesson so long to be learned
Is a heart that’s whole lacks strength
But hearts made from holes beat forever



The Wind




I of course survived

said the tortured winds of time

For as you look around

You will see the world is mine

Though there were pretenders

Their bones I’ve turned to dust

So to their civilization

And it’s intrinsic lack of trust

Now I swirl around you

The planet’s history in my song

Who will hear the words of warning

And understand they don’t belong

My time is simply forever

Yours a second in its path

As with all others before you

Your arrogance makes me laugh


8 years ago, believe it or not actually to the day, I met one of the best guys I know. A few weeks later I also met his girlfriend, one of the most kind-hearted and caring individuals I will ever have the privilege of calling family and then yesterday I attended their wedding. I was given the honor of being an Usher and was also asked to write something to read at the ceremony. The poem below is the one I wrote for them.

As before each footstep fell on ground
Unknowing we walked our paths alone
But from this moment until my last
Our paths entwined your heart my home

For when fate smiled and brought me you
I found a companion, a love, a friend
To share my life and all that I am
Hand in hand at each days end

I swear before all those I hold dear
That for you my love will forever shield
As each new step we walk together
My strength is yours and shall not yield

So take my hand and with it my soul
And know together we will always be
For as I stand here with you
I promise my love for eternity

Chris and Ali

Let Life Write




I could turn the page and live again
A time now lost that has no end
Set in stone like the castles of old
As fresh today as when first told
For stories of rage, joy or sorrow
Makes parts a whole to stand tomorrow
Taken as one a picture may form
But all together a person is born
I will turn the page and let life write
Tomorrow’s stories with same eyes sight





Some inescapable words now rest against my ears
The only time I’ve heard them in intervening years
To hear or remain deaf is no longer an option
What I so longed to know I wish now could be forgotten
Haunted and followed by a love that will not die
A well at once replenished that long since ran dry
An impossibility so futile madness seems more sane
Why then does it cut and make me bleed again
I struggle with the word fate but it’s presence I can’t deny
When all I ever wanted was not to say goodbye
For all that it taught me there was one thing I always knew
That regardless of our fate my true love would still be Bu