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The People We Were

I miss the way we used to talk all the time
About nothing in particular
Just our daily lives

All those years ago I guess I was blind
To the comfort it brought
I now wish I could find

I miss our days that went of script
Those mini adventures
That went downhill quick

Before we got bogged down with the pressures of age
When our days were ours
And the nights would fade

I miss our club and it’s almost daily meetings
The 6 bottles of wine
That often saw us sleeping

The youngest old wives the world has ever known
Wherever we were
That place could be home

I miss all these things but the memories I hold
Of the people we were
And the stories now told

For no matter my age or who I may miss
I know they’re still there
To help me reminisce


I just want to go home

I just want to go home
Hide from my life
Close my eyes and pretend
I can still see the light

I just want to go home
No matter where I am
Leave it all behind
Replace the storm with calm

I just want to go home
But how to explain
That home I can’t find
Else there I’d remain

I just want to go home
Not live like this
Scared of my shadow
Of an endless abyss

I just want to go home
It’s all I can say
Or see from where I am
Which is at home today