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Simply Repeat



How long will I stay and simply repeat
The same day I have lived only broken by sleep
A question I ask more often than before
As I stare unflinching at an ever open door
Too many options and choices to be made
Indecision and fear the reasons I have stayed
For this is what I know and have for so long
That before now fades like the end to a song
Is now then the time to cast off the chains
Run for the exit before nothing else remains
Give life a chance and everything outside
That till now was here and always denied


Living with ghosts

Did I make the right choice to live with ghosts
Play on the fields my blood still stains
Allow once more the cracks to be covered
Hoping this time it would not be the same

Should I have left when the door was open
Taken that chance and swallowed my fear
Felt the life I could barely even touch
Be sure at last if it was ever real

I remember the days I could leave at will
The impulse felt and off I flew
Maybe not far or even for long
But always with a purpose only I knew

I am still standing but yet maybe broken
By the place I love and will always call home
I have tried to leave but is that my want
Or is my want just not to be alone