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“One day when you wake it will just be gone”
So I waited and prayed for that day to come
It seemed like forever would never come true
But now I look back I’ve moved on from you
I don’t know when nor how long since you left
Was only reminded by your name on my breath
I guess after all the platitude held
And one by one the delusions fell
So now when I wake you are no longer there
As real,as memory, as fate or as care


My Strength

As one more time I sit in presence of vows
Those not spoken are what I will hear
Though many times written and long ago learned
They are kept out of sight yet always near

So as a reminder as always before
I’ll wear my strength as if you would know
A treasured gift for special moments
And while I wait one I will not let go

Fortunes Pain




A dream that fell and dried on cotton
As waking eyes saw what sleep had forgotten
The shapeless form of empty space
Left void of sleeps purest embrace
A walking tear now hidden in the rain
Shed for the loss of fortunes pain
A heart that begs to return to the past
Aware all the same that time has passed
The calming presence of eyes that just knew
No words ever needed at a glance understood
No safety ever sought though in those arms found
From a world that had only ever sought to drown
Once given freely, for life without regret
A key that locked with each leaving step
Fate that was presented on fortunes wings
In an instant allowed a life to begin
For too long sheltered and hidden behind walls
Understanding to be alone was only my call