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“One day when you wake it will just be gone”
So I waited and prayed for that day to come
It seemed like forever would never come true
But now I look back I’ve moved on from you
I don’t know when nor how long since you left
Was only reminded by your name on my breath
I guess after all the platitude held
And one by one the delusions fell
So now when I wake you are no longer there
As real,as memory, as fate or as care


Maybe Just Maybe

Maybe when nothing matters any more
When our stars align in time and fate
Then we can see what once we knew
And be together wherever the place

It never changed nor ever will
That I know as sure as I breathe
Held in a place no one can reach
A secret comfort waiting to be freed

Our time will come not now but again
What once was fractured made a new
Regardless of time it refused to break
The bond too strong the feelings too true

So maybe just maybe not if but when
Forgetting the past and all the regrets
We can find the future that was always ours
And live as we wished till our final sun sets

Fortunes Pain




A dream that fell and dried on cotton
As waking eyes saw what sleep had forgotten
The shapeless form of empty space
Left void of sleeps purest embrace
A walking tear now hidden in the rain
Shed for the loss of fortunes pain
A heart that begs to return to the past
Aware all the same that time has passed
The calming presence of eyes that just knew
No words ever needed at a glance understood
No safety ever sought though in those arms found
From a world that had only ever sought to drown
Once given freely, for life without regret
A key that locked with each leaving step
Fate that was presented on fortunes wings
In an instant allowed a life to begin
For too long sheltered and hidden behind walls
Understanding to be alone was only my call

You Linger On




Like a song played on repeat
Your face seems to appear at night when I sleep
Not in times we shared together
Too few of those we were given to treasure
But in moments our lives missed
In a future never seen that good fortune kissed
Now it seems dreams linger on
I walk through the day your face not gone
Appearing in sight only to vanish
The person seen not you and a resulting anguish
Looking to check eyes didn’t lie
The truth they find is a life’s endless sigh

Today’s Eyes




Let me see through my eyes of old
With sight of today not under control
Moments in time I can never retrieve
Decisions then made my own heart deceived
Would I still see truth an understandable lie
Or for those words would today’s eyes cry
As never to be changed nor spoken again
Yet better understood absolved of blame
Alas in life this desire is only wish
Idle minds float to that which they missed
Still in play is a future to be scribed
So learn from the past and never again hide