Sometimes it just seems that all the stars in the universes align and for one day everything works out.

That was today.

It was nothing major and no spectacular events occurred, it was just what it was and what it was was everything a day should be. From beginning to end I was surrounded by those I am honoured to call my family, 3 lil sisters and 3 brothers. Due to geography, family commitments and just general life this kind of day/night rarely happens. But when it does it’s the kind that makes me smile from ear to ear. These 6 people have given me more than they could ever know and far more than I could ever repay.

It was as simple as breakfast, lunch, a movie, dinner and then drinks until the last ride called. But the simple things are sometimes the best. Maybe 15 minutes from the end I sat in a chair and watched as my 3 lil sisters, oblivious to me watching, sat chatting about something I couldn’t hear and 3 brothers talked on with what ever had been the topic. I have never felt luckier or happier with my lot in life than I did at that moment (trust me I know how cheesy that sounded).