You know the drill, you wake up and something just isn’t right, something isn’t clicking, it’s a duvet day and there is no duvet in sight so you just have to get on with it. That was my day from the moment I woke up.


Not to be confused with the BLAH phenomenon that the Oxford Dictionary defines as : the inability to give a flying fuck, being entirely uninterested in one’s surroundings or daily life, or Just plain zombie like. No no no no no this is different.


It wasn’t a bad mood, I got out of the same side of the bed as I always do, though tomorrow I am going to make a point of getting out of the other side just to see if it actually makes a difference. I wasn’t uninterested or withdrawn. I just knew that it was “one of those days”. Seriously, by 10 am I swear it seemed like everyone around me was doing their best to tip me over the edge, force me to explode and perhaps go slightly too far and crucify everyone within hitting distance (in most cases this would have been extreme, some just plain fun). Was this in my head, probably. Could I see this, oh hell no. Did I want to, why would I?.


As it happens I survived (odd that me writing this now and all). Not only did I survive but I did so without taking anyone’s head off, I have been known to let fly verbally on occasion. In fact before I left work I was even paid an unexpected compliment on my coaching skills and temperament, that small thing really did make me smile.


Between then and now I have walked my usual few miles home along the canal with my lil sis, stopped off for a glass of red (or 2) with her and my best mate and now am fully chilled. I may be exhausted, it’s possible I am doing to many hours and as a colleague said “looking pale” (I’m British we’re all pale) but it’s just been one of those days, they happen, they pass and so long as you are smiling at the end they do no real harm.


On the upside I put the disposable camera from rib day (you’ll know what I mean if you read an earlier post) in to be developed and will get to pick it up on Thursday, really looking forward to seeing actual photos for a change and not just the digital type.


Have a good week folks